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apologies for my absence. my photographer has just returned from a trip abroad. i now have decent photos again. in return for your patience, i give you this super long post. or you can just look at the pictures and move on. 


temperatures dropped last night. finally able to wear full pants and a shirt without creating my own puddle. k, that's gross.
these are some of my new purchases. summer is almost over and it feels like all my buying was supposed to be summer oriented. good thing i can carry all this into fall.  busy week and weekend ahead. i got the job i applied for, so i'm hoping it all pans out as i expect it to. a girl's gotta eat, after all.
oh, and if you were thinking of going to see dinner for schmucks?
it's a complete wash. and a terrible knock off of the original.  much like these, eh?

shirt: something italian...
jeans: earnest sewn harlan (FINALLY. they fit like a dream. i was unwilling/unable to pay $100+ for them.)
shoes: henry beguelin (!!!!!!!!)
bag: jas mb
belt: jimmy'z (manhattan mall; not sure if this is a national store or some random nyc brand)

i can carry all these things into fall. loving these shoes. went online looking for a pair of minnetonkas yesterday and realized i probably ought not purchase the brown since i've got moc-type shoes already. also of note, i went hunting for shearling about a year and a half ago as i really wanted the warmth and style of a leather jacket for winter. now that shearling is de rigeur....
i will have to deal with price points like these. this seems to happen a lot. i get obsessed with something and then it shows up on a runway and the prices inflate beyond my means. this happened with clogs, that maxi skirt/dress phase, boyfriend jeans...maybe i'm a fashion psychic.
yeah, not helpful.
damn you to hell, burberry. well, actually i love you. will you go on (mad, stupid, crazy) clearance so i can buy you?

here's that top i mentioned. took koko's advice to try new bottoms with it:

OH, i also took out my first student loan ever in life. i'm sort of mortified. i was fortunate enough to have my school fees all paid in full as an undergrad (i love scholarships). it's a bit harder in my position now as i'm not fresh out of high school and i'm taking post-grad classes at an undergrad level. it's all quite confusing, but with the loans i plan on taking out, i expect this to be my future:



higher education, here i come. fuck.

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Blogger Julia said...

You're kind of amazingly a great writer. Be a writer instead and pay no loans! But still be poor! Oh well...anyway, I'm digging the jeans and the bright shirt. My last day in NYC was cool as a breath of fresh air. Gorgeous.


14/8/10 13:45  
Blogger Melody said...

LMFAO at those knock offs. I can't stop laughing bwahahahaha!

Congrats on the job sweet! Yippieee!

I am loving both outfits. Your hair looks so cute, did you do it all yourself? You are ever so pretty to me.

And I agre with Julia, you are a very good writer.

14/8/10 17:06  
Blogger Pennerad said...

sounds like a plan. i thought about that yesterday, actually. following the original 'dream'. my family was never really convinced that writing would be a smart choice for a REAL future, so i never got any formal training. i SOOOO wanted to. but i'm so flattered you think i'm a good writer! YOU!?!

you slay me! lol. i did the twists myself. took FORever, but glad i got it done. it's picking up much less lint now and i can put it up easier. unfortunately, i think i messed up along the way (probably the products) because it doesn't lie right when it's all down, hence the half up thing. how ya doin' my love???

14/8/10 19:04  
Blogger urbanrhetoric said...

ms. bronx! i have found you off of chictopia. as always, your style is just amazing. i look forward to following you on here.


14/8/10 20:39  
Blogger koko // res pulchrae said...

Those McQueen "tributes" are truly atrocious.

Congrats on grad school! I've been putting it off for exactly that reason - it's a lot of money and I have to be sure. Growing up sucks.

FYI, you do not look homeless in jeans! I need a new pair. I wanted to wear jeans for casual Friday last week but couldn't find a pair in my closet without holes in them!

15/8/10 21:44  
Anonymous joelle van dyne said...

hah, those knockoffs are hilarious! i always wonder if the people who buy them could possibly not realize, or if they just don't care.

and congrats about school!! so exciting. ~joelle

16/8/10 13:54  
Blogger simplychic said...

i enjoyed the long post :)

i pictured a totally different look in my head and i saw the color version and i was wrong :-/ it's fabulous both ways (in my head and in real life). great accessories.

16/8/10 23:01  
Blogger Lily said...

To my fellow lost soul,

Thank you for your comment. What you wrote meant a lot to me. You're right; I should use this uncertainty to my advantage... I just don't know where to start.

Congrats on the new job. I hope it works out for you. Same goes for the student loan. If it's any consolation, I think you're absolutely beautiful.



18/8/10 17:27  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

YAY for school! BOOOOOOOOOO for loans. Such a drag...and sadly, I know all too well. I'll be paying this off well into my next decade.

And YAAAAAAAAAAY for the new job!!!! So proud of you. Congrats.

Horrid knockoffs on both accounts. Glad I didn't see the movie.

20/8/10 21:48  
Blogger Prêt à Porter P said...

I like both ensembles. And that gold watch is AMAZING!!!! That shearling jacket is phenomenal. I find the opposite effect when things I like become trendy, it gives more options and friendly price points. Though it can take up to 1-2 yrs for a runway trend to saturate the mainstream. I've heard of Jimmy Z's actually. There used to be one in my local mall actually.

Ugh I know I have to get my butt back to school eventually. Not looking forward to it, and unfortunately I'm torn between what I'd want to major in.

Also ps. I want to shoot you an email, but I can't find yours.

28/8/10 00:07  

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