i have never been particularly feminine. i can remember only once being excited about dressing up; i had a crazy floral printed dress with a strappy back. it was my favorite article of clothing and i never once wore it because it felt false. since then, i have often been teased for wearing dresses with an effeminate affectation. simply was never able to pull of the dainty girl look. 
having looked at gillian tennant's collection, however, i find my interest in soft fabrics and colors renewed. though spring has long come and gone, i like the refreshing palette of tennant's imagination.  i would ideally like to wear her bloomer shorts (been looking for a pair like this for AGES!) and silk top as follows:

while not overtly feminine, i find the tougher boots and structured jacket balance out the look to keep it more 'me'. the versatility of her collection is wonderful! i'd never be able to pull this outfit off with strappy pumps and dangly earrings, but this would be a great fall look, no? i'd maybe even top it off with a super chunky scarf and this hat.....

so cozy! it's chilly tonight, so i'm probably biased, but i'm suddenly eager for fall.  and a raise so i can afford those everlastingly expensive boots. 

find the g.t. collection here.

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Blogger InnyVinny said...

Um...this was a great post. Really and truly.

And I'd like that hat as well.

24/8/10 01:28  
Blogger simplychic said...

you don't need a dress to be feminine, especially now with boyfriend this and boyfriend that. femininity comes in so many forms and i enjoy them all.

those shorts are hotness!

24/8/10 03:37  
Anonymous Sheena said...

Thank you for the introduction to Gillian Tennant. Seriously. Her pieces convey a great sense of femininity without being too "dainty", I think. I think there is a softness about her clothing (not just the fabrics) without giving up a nice structure.

25/8/10 00:42  
Blogger Prêt à Porter P said...

I hear ya, dainty, girly-ness isn't really my thing. Those boots are pretty awesome. Dare I ask who makes them?

25/8/10 21:38  
Blogger Pennerad said...

awww shucks! :)

the boyfriend trend is...just a trend for me. i think i used to wear clothing that was too big cuz it was my dad's and people teased me so often that when it became a craze i kinda didn't bat an eyelash!
but i def know what you mean. i think that people just want me to be girlier b/c i have never really been into it.
and i love those shorts too!

glad you liked it! i just got put on to the brand by deadfleurette. pretty sweet, no?

they are ld tuttles. the shaper boot. they are also approx. $800 and have been since last year. ouch. :(

25/8/10 22:24  
Blogger Melody said...

Ok, that hat NEEDS to be on your head. I can just see you in it.

I don't want to ask how much that hat is because it looks pretty expensive, but if I was in a better financial situation I would buy it for you as a gift.

27/8/10 15:23  
Blogger dee said...

Ah! What great stuff. I love those boots and the shorts! I am also DEFINITELY ready for fall to begin.

31/8/10 23:22  

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