these photos are neither artisitic nor well-composed, but i was photog-less

this last one....def giggleworthy.

reminded me of this

and in that same vein, this is kinda adorable if you neglect to focus on the psychosocial ramifications:

lil kids dancing warms my black heart.

sidebar:  happy birthday to innyvinny!
this seemed the most appropriate blogger birthday cake....it'd be awesome if they could've gotten a flash on there....maybe in candle form?
i want cake. dammit.

oh, don't worry, i'm washing my hair today and finally combing through it. will let you know how many inches i lose in the process.

shirt: american apparel (it's like a sweatshirt inside! it's sooo soft!)
pants: maison martin margiela (ligne 6? i think?)
shoes: cole haan. i love wearing these. so obnoxiously bright.
hoodie not pictured: levi's, same color EXACTLY as the shoes. unintentional, swear.

and thanks to these pants, this happened to me like 816384 times at work:

Anjelah Johnson - Butt Check-Out

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Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

I haven't heard the term ragamuffin in years now! You're bringing back memories. Your shoes are awesome... AWESOME.

27/8/10 14:15  
Blogger Melody said...

Oh my Lord, that lil boy is KILLING IT! And first dude has some crazy control, wow. Man, I wish I could do all that. I STILL can't do the Frog Back, I can just about whine, haha!

Your shoes = Amazing. Lovely photos.

In response to your last but 2 post, I'm good. Busy. I'm moving 170 miles away from home in 3 weeks, WOOHOO, and starting a whole new life somewhere else so I have been SO busy getting everything sorted. And I only have 2 weeks left in that hell hole I call work, SWEET BABY JAYZUSSSS SHTANKYA KINDLY!

I hope you're good too :)


27/8/10 15:10  
Blogger Orphaned Apparel said...

Great shoes! :)

28/8/10 03:17  
Blogger simplychic said...

i love the first photo and the shoes!

29/8/10 02:51  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

I can't believe I missed this. Thank you shugah!!

9/9/10 23:59  

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