the drapes

tank: scala
skirt: rick owens
sweater: h&m
bag: dkny
flats: born (tweeted about walking these into the dirt. there's a HOLE in them. A HOLE...is this even fixable?)

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Blogger koko // res pulchrae said...

You know I love that skirt!

Everything is fixable if you have a good cobbler. They might have to rip out a good chunk of sole though (if the hole is on the sole), which isn't a cheap fix.

1/9/10 15:48  
Blogger Prêt à Porter P said...

This is soo good.
I agree with koko, it's possible to fix the sole, but I don't think it would be cheap.

1/9/10 23:32  
Blogger simplychic said...

a racer back makes everything better :)

2/9/10 00:31  
Blogger SAUVAGE said...

I love that you stick to simple color palettes and opt to play with proportions, I hope you don't mind me completely copying this outfit lol.
Unfortunately, my spanish is pretty much as rudimentary as it was before I left for Mexico. After a near death experience in a rickshaw up the side of a mountain, I can say "CURVA PELIGROSA" and "que cagada, dio mios!"

2/9/10 13:36  
Anonymous Sheena said...

I am loving the entire outfit, especially the Rick Owens skirt! I hope the hole is fixable and it should be, especially with a good cobbler. Hopefully you find someone that can fix them for you!

2/9/10 16:09  

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