jacket: iisli
shirt: j crew
belt: linea pelle
jeans: j brand
shoes: henry beguelin

got a stain on these. put some soap directly on to 'pre-treat'. washed. the 'ivory' pants are now dotted with white.
debating bleaching the whole thing.

may have to take a hit on those black shoes. they were inexpensive. i spent about $40, calling them a 'closet staple'. i was like 19 and knew nothing about fashion. i think i was just trying to get my way at the time. will have to go look for another pair. i'm off to school/work now. scarfing breakfast as i type this.
pray for the east coast; we've got a hurricane coming...wtf.

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Blogger Brasilian_Babe said...

Great outfit. I love your jacket, the fit and texture look beautiful.
Can i just say without wanting to sound creepy or anything that you have a great curvaceous body and you accentuate your curves very very well. I love the way your style is developing!!!

And here's hoping that the hurricane turns into a small gust of wind if it does decide to go your way! Have a great weekend!

4/9/10 01:20  
Blogger Prêt à Porter P said...

I like the sweater/jacket! Nice shoes too.

4/9/10 10:10  
Blogger simplychic said...

o i love that sweater/blazer thing-a-ma-jig!

5/9/10 02:40  
Blogger Chomy said...

You have such a great body, i love the shade pallete here and how this looks on you. sure everyone is on FALL tones fever, but unless things change outside, i am not putting away the lights just yet.

8/9/10 11:25  

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