he LIKES it likes it

anyone ever use that phrase? lol, sounds so silly, but it so accurately captures the full magnitude of the situation.

unseen denim jacket: yanuk
shoes: mine de rien (gave me blisters 2 days ago after a long hiatus...but i love them so. forgiveness was easy.)

so to continue the theme of wardrobe cleaning, i gave away a huge batch of clothing yesterday to a wonderful friend who has not really shopped since high school. no, seriously. she loves clothing and style but is more a makeup and hair kind of girl and spent all her energies building up that repertoire.
so while i was off bringing home garbage bags worth of stuff from the dreaded h&m (not so bad in fall/winter), she was perfecting her craft, being a grownup, investing in her future. that makes me feel quite flighty, i must say. so i gave her all of it. and gladly. she looks beautiful in it all. which also makes me quite sad. lol. kidding. i'm hoping she gets more use out of it all than i did.

i held onto this because of the cut. see the full skirt? the slightly nipped waist? the seaming? i pulled this out of a hole in my closet where i'd stuffed it after realizing i didn't want to hang it up as it would merely end up on the floor. then yesterday i crammed it into a drawer. i pulled it out today so the boy could take photos of me and my friend's latest present to me. i thrifted this dress for about $7 about a year ago and i've never regretted it, though i have parted with almost everything else i bought that day. it made me feel svelte and dancer-like and completely at ease with my body because it was such an easy fix with simple fabric. had i 8 more of these, i would probably wear little else in summer. it has no brand but it looks like a simple sewing project. if only i could sew. :) i will need to stick to similar silhouettes, i think, as it's more flattering to my body type than most other cuts.

also, the boy took like 100 pictures yesterday of my hair in straight form. says it 'brings back memories'. >:-(.
perhaps i should straighten my hair more regularly? i think he really prefers it this way, long and loose vs tightly coiled. might be time to incorporate a bit more variation.  i did lose about 2 inches, i think, in overall length because i cut my own hair a few months back and my friend had to even it out and shape it. heh. yeah, i knew it was stupid but there were SPLITS, damnit.


yeah, i was in the marching band. so?

have you guys figured out your bodies yet? your best colors? your best hair shape? your best (glasses) frames? was it hard? educate me!

many many many thanks to pret for her endless support and advice.  you should hold seminars!

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Blogger urbanrhetoric said...

i just gave away a crapload of clothes too. we should host a bronx swap...think about it.

this dress was made for you. you should find a dominican seamstress and have more made. seriously.


10/9/10 11:41  
Blogger Julia said...

It does look beautiful this way, but I've always been partial to natural hair on African American ladies, but maybe that's just because I'm a southern girl and I associate big hair with power. Seriously, I used to crimp my hair ALL the time and make it as huge as it would go in college. When that wasn't even STYLISH, dude. But...there's something about the lovely soft waves you've got going on here that is really natural looking, too.

I also meant to comment yesterday, but the photo you posted of the girl in the yellow pants is my TOTAL style inspiration for tomorrow. I have yellow pants just like those and haven't been quite sure what to do with them, and now I know!

You look lovely in the dress, too. It's true :)

10/9/10 13:29  
Blogger Manecoarse said...

Oh, I love that dress.. especially the back. It fits you perfectly!

11/9/10 00:02  
Blogger Brasilian_Babe said...

You look gorgeous!!!!!!!

11/9/10 02:08  
Blogger Julia said...

Mentioned you in my post from Saturday :)

13/9/10 00:58  
Anonymous joelle van dyne said...

the dress is so lovely! the low back is just perfect. ~joelle

13/9/10 12:19  
Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

That dress is so feminine and pretty on you! Your hair looks gorgeous straightened, but I think I prefer it natural. Maybe it's just because I'm used to seeing your hair natural, but it just seems to fit you better.

13/9/10 20:05  
Blogger Melody said...

Ah, you are so gorgeous.

That dress looks like it was made for YOU and ONLY you. You seem to wear things very easily and perfectly. Your body is just banging; slightly jealous :p

I am feeling the hair, but I much prefer your kinks and curls. But it does look extremely beautiful here. Frames your face well. Thick. Full and healthy. Bounces off the back of your neck beautifully.

15/9/10 13:09  
Blogger Prêt à Porter P said...

You look beautiful. :) I think if you found a good seamstress she could make you copies of that dress. Speaking of seamstress I need to stop procrastinating and go pick up some stuff from mine!!

You're very welcome, glad I can be of some help.

15/9/10 14:18  
Blogger simplychic said...

gorgeous!!!! that back is awesome.

20/9/10 01:19  
Blogger koko // res pulchrae said...

A-hah, found it! I knew there was a term for a phrase like that "he likes it likes it" -> "contrastive reduplication"

"a phenomenon of colloquial English that we call Contrastive Reduplication (CR), involving the copying of words and sometimes phrases as in 'It's tuna salad, not SALAD-salad', or 'Do you LIKE-HIM-like him?' "

24/9/10 09:38  

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