anyone know what this kind of hat is called? not a cloche, right? not quite a fedora? some sort of pied piper type style hat i think. straight hair is cool in that i get to wear hats. not so cool in that people think i'm wearing a wig when i have a headband on. no, really. i got accused of wearing a wig at least 4 times this weekend.

hat: bcbg
shirt: french connection
jeans: j brand
shoes: cordwainer
bag: eddie bauer

the boy said i can't throw out this bag because it defined who i am/was/have been for such a large portion of my life. i've almost always had a leather backpack this color. found this one in a flea market in connecticut when i was about 14. i hate connecticut for what it has represented in my life.  but it's pretty cool for flea markets and garage sales and the like. good furniture. people also teased me incessantly for this bag. everyone else had a jansport or messenger bag or some other such trendy thing and i have always always ALWAYS had this leather bag in some iteration or other. i have physics homework to go makeup so i will pause this meandering litany of randomness for now.

what have we been doing this week???? does it make me nosy that i ask that sort of thing a lot here?

oh yeah, don't forget to tell me what the hat is if you've any idea. culture-fy me. <--clearly i need it.

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Blogger Emily Kennedy said...

You're going to think I'm crazy, but it pretty much looks like a Tyrolean hat to me:

Tyrolean hat

14/9/10 22:17  
Blogger Melody said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

15/9/10 13:28  
Blogger Melody said...

Can't believe you got accused of wearing a wig. Actually.. I can. People.. smh.

And no idea what kind of hat that is. Looks like some cross-bred type of thing, lol, Trilby/Fedora/Tyrolean. It's cute nonetheless.

Emily could possibly be right though..

I'm in need of a one of a kind leather backpack. I really want one for winter. For what reason, I am not aware. I really like yours.

Err my week; packing and moving! The stress. I have two big suitcases of shoes. Shoes! And that's with leaving my mom's wlk-in packed floor to ceiling with boxes.

I have had to hire a moving van because of shoes! If I wasn't aware of my addiction before, I damn sure am now.

And I am having to digest the fact that I am now unemployed. That gives me heart palpitations just mentioning it.

What about youuu?

15/9/10 13:30  
Blogger Prêt à Porter P said...

Adolescence is funny. You get teased for being an individual, but when you get older all those things you got teased about makes you cool. The hat could be a Casablanca hat, but the tyrolean looks like a good match too.
That's funny about the wig thing. Take it as a compliment... whenever someone asks me if I'm wearing a wig, it must mean my hair actually looks good for a change. lol!

15/9/10 14:27  
Blogger Aïssa said...

I'd say it's a Trilby (hat).

15/9/10 16:08  
Blogger duckalicious said...

great outfit, the 3rd photo (the 1st photo with you on, that is) is freaking perfect.

16/9/10 03:34  
Blogger Emmy said...

No idea about the hat but it does look good on you! I have quite a few hats but I never wear any, I feel soo funny! I'm with the boy and say keep the backpack! Also, I'm celebrating Mexico's Independence! 200 years!

16/9/10 10:21  
Blogger Damsels said...

i forget what the hat is called as well .. but i have a very simialr one .. whats funny about your bag is that it seems to quite trendy as of late.. ive beens eeing a few people wearing it since 2008 .. i always wish i had one.

not doing anything new working too much and becoming increasingly less interesting

16/9/10 14:22  
Blogger Chic Therapy said...

no idea about that hat!!lol @ the wig accusation

16/9/10 20:53  

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