delayed reaction

the boy told me WELL AFTER THE FACT that i should have kept on my original jacket choice. navy, with gold buttons. alas, we were already outside. he was already late. and i was completely pissed now cuz he had already told me my shoes were hideous (which they kinda are) and frowned at my clothing choices (so i kept changing). >:-(

so yeah, totally wore this to school with the 'wrong' jacket. it doesn't look as good as the original. *sadness*
anyhow, these shoes are awesome. they're OBNOXIOUSLY lime green and are some sort of mutant hybrid between a boat shoe and a pointy flat. yeah. marinate on it.

jacket: dollhouse (have had this since....sophomore year(?) of college)
shirt: 0039
jeans: rag and bone
shoes: cole haan
backpack: sol

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Blogger Emily Kennedy said...

It makes me kind of sad that you got negative feedback on this jacket. For one thing, there is no "wrong" in fashion. But I'm a bit of a subjectivist in that way. For another thing, I love the playful mix of colors. Brown orange and green together are like a flower in the ground. And white is a neutral. So... I like!

17/9/10 16:56  
Blogger Julia said...

Well, I like the brown, and the way it compliments your AWESOME bookbag. I've been looking for a bookbag like that for ages -- wherever did you find it?!

I know how people's reactions can make you second guess your choices, and sometimes that's worthwhile, but you look lovely in this one, so don't listen!


18/9/10 13:54  
Blogger Chic Therapy said...

love the green and orange combo

18/9/10 20:14  
Blogger Brasilian_Babe said...

Your jacket goes rather well with both your bag and your shirt. Your shoes are not hideous, they look fine! The colour combination for this outfit looks good to me!!! :)

19/9/10 03:51  
Blogger simplychic said...

crazy boys! i think the outfit is fine as is!

20/9/10 01:16  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

Tell the boy to LET YOU BE GREAT!

21/9/10 23:04  

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