jacket: yanuk (i love this thing. rarely get to wear it)
shirt: j crew (on its last legs. will need to replace it soon, hopefully in multiple colors)
shorts: dkny (wardrobe constant, strangely. i love these and their deep pockets.)
shoes: mmm
bag: sol
watch: college graduation gift
silver necklace: vintage
knife and fork earrings: street vendor in boston

got a lot of strange looks wearing this. not sure if it's too dated or too trendy or too....unconventional?  i think it was a lot of coverage for the city. people bare a lot of skin this time of year trying to salvage summer, so i guess this almost 'mom' look screamed frump on streets where booty shorts and ass-skimming skirts are the norm.
still have my nose faithfully pressed to the grindstone. test tomorrow and my professor is a moron. from the consensus, it seems we, as a class, will be teaching ourselves chemistry this semester. hurray.

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Blogger InnyVinny said...

That could be a great learning experiment. Enjoy the ride.

27/9/10 22:49  
Blogger A├»ssa said...

You're lovely! It's a great casual look, it suits you very much! I guess the stares were of admiration.

28/9/10 16:23  
Blogger simplychic said...

idk why ppl were giving you looks. i love those shorts. i almost wore some similar today.

29/9/10 02:17  

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