are on my pc. i think. wtf. gonna have the in-house computer geek look it over.
in the meantime, he took these this morning. not very inspiring in photos, but i quite liked this look in person. have been bloody exhausted and out if it these last few days. this whole readjusting to academia and the pace of work with which i'm COMPLETELY unfamiliar is sort of....harrying.
and there's always more tomorrow.
i love a good challenge. but only once i've conquered it. it feels as though i'm being slowly worn down; seems quite the unfair fight. i've always been a bit of a perfectionist and have always been successful in school and that's often how i've characterized myself: by my success in school. read: bigass nerd, with glasses and backpack, to boot. as such, when 'real life' attacked me, it sort of changed my whole view of myself....for the worse. now that i'm back in school, i think i'm, once again, readjusting. and it's again shifting my view of myself. guess how. :)
back to the clothes:

oh yeah...those pants? totally suede. bought in the midst of that mad spending spree i went through just prior to quitting my job. 'twas the depression that damned me. but the swag is pretty cool in hindsight. ah, income.

came home and changed after my first class. and unloaded the bag. it was a little overwhelming.
swapped the leather for jeans and my sneakers for my new boots. this high school girl giggled when i walked by and pointed at my feet. and i ACTUALLY let it get to me. for, like, the whole walk to school. and felt completely stupid about wearing furry boots in the warmth of fall. then i realized...i'm grown. and my boots are awesome. see:

so screw that young broad.
ok, so i think if i get myself back to being super student, i'll be WAY more confident in my more heinous fashion choices, lol.

jacket: firma
sweater: three dots
shirt: random white tee
suede pants: vintage celine
shoes: schmoove

jeans: earnest sewn
boots: no.6 shearlings

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Blogger InnyVinny said...

You should have punched her.

Your boots are mad cool, son.

13/10/10 23:56  
Blogger Prêt à Porter P said...

I'm so shocked, like people point and laugh in NY??! Really?? I think there are much crazier things than a boot with some fur to see there.

I went through this crazy phase where crazy trojans were getting on my computer. Try downloading this program: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

14/10/10 00:17  
Blogger Julia said...

The boots are the best thing in the world. I'd steal them off your feet if I saw you. Okay, not really, but I'd want to. A lot. They're the prfect clog/suede boot thing. Love. Tell that girl to piss off.


14/10/10 16:31  
Blogger Pennerad said...

hahaha, thanks guys!
i got leather pants on. i'm too fly for this crap. :)
lol, it's a good thing i'm not scrappy. might've knocked out some poor 'innocent' teenager.

14/10/10 19:40  
OpenID shereephoenix said...

I love those boots...like a lot. Is it freezing where you are? I'm in MN and its hasn't gotten cool enough for me to break out my furry boots :(

Oh! I read an earlier post of yours (about your backpack) - it really is to die for. Don't you just love when you get something for the low and everyone swears you paid a pretty penny for it - oh the satisfaction of knowing it was a deal!

14/10/10 21:15  
Blogger Aïssa said...

I love your boots! This all cold wave made me think of my own beloved No.6 boots.

16/10/10 09:30  
Blogger Pennerad said...

you have no.6 boots?!?! which ones? aren't they amazing? i need to get the waterproof leather ones in the 27" style. i keep getting swayed by other items...but i'm saving! i think i'll have them in december. :)

16/10/10 11:44  
Blogger Emmy said...

I can't believe people are this rude! Anyway, you look great and I love that big circle scarf! I think I need one now...

21/10/10 10:55  
Blogger Sing said...

Love those shearling boots.


26/10/10 12:19  

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