been awol...test after test after test have wreaked sheer havoc on my mental state. i was super fly yesterday tho. :). unfortunately, i also ran out with my camera sans memory stick, so....no photos of that. to keep this thing moving, i decided to show y'all some pics of a wedding i went to. i got made up and wore pumps and a frothy pink dress. so un-me.

bb shots.

note how boobalicious my friend is. yeah, upon hearing that, one automatically looks at the other boobs in the picture. in this case, they are nonexistent. couldn't find appropriate undergarments to counteract that effect. and it was hella hot. braless steez. fuck yeah, women's lib.

my friend did my makeup for this. i think she's trying to turn me into a girl. she made me wear this instead of the black dress i had. there were a lot of scandalous broads at this wedding. i mean, honestly, you're in a CHURCH. a place of WORSHIP. i know there are probably tons of single men there, but one ought not to wear a backless scrap of spandex to a religious function. just...ghetto. i had a whole rant about this after a shot of vodka outside the church<----hypocrite?

i drink guinness like an irishman.
this boy keeps me in stitches. we used to be such good friends. then life took over and he moved away and i find myself a little out of sorts and one friend short. boohoo.
so...how do you guys feel about glassess-lessness (totally goes with the boobalicious and braless theme, and general improper grammar in this post)? i look chinkyyyyyyy. but it was nice to not have to wipe whatever mysterious film had gathered on my glasses(againnnn!) for that moment. i'm going to try contacts again, swear. i was blurry as hell for this shot. it's k. i just smiled at the flash. :D.

dress: calvin klein
shoes: sigerson morrison. i broke the tap and had to switch to my lavender flats. way more comfy for dancing. HA backless-spandex-stiletto wearing slags!

are you guys coping with this week better than i am? someone i was beginning to admire made a pass at me yesterday. it threw me for a loop, completely confused me, flattered me, and then the mortification set in. what do i do now? ignore this person? i mean...i shut it down and humiliated them. so....is that another friend lost or can we look beyond our (asexual/platonic) differences and continue down our path to friendship? i need help. cuz this doesn't happen to me. i mean, i got called stuck up this week. more on that later.

k, back to the slaveship with me. hope someone is still reading...happy tuesday!

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Blogger Julia said...

1) Sans glasses = beautiful. Plus glasses = also beautiful. You win times two. They're just different looks, but I love them both.

2) I don't think people who are sexually attracted to each other can be friends. Period. Harsh but true. Not real friends. So...if this person, male or female, is into you, and you're not into him/her back, I think you'd best leave everything at vague undefinied admiration and not complicate things, because they WILL get messed up if you try to be friends. Just my wizened old hag experience. :)

3) You can't possibly be stuck up. I will never believe it.

5/10/10 16:35  
Blogger Prêt à Porter P said...

Either way I think you look great. And that kid is adorable.
Here's hoping you have a better week! :)

5/10/10 18:26  
Anonymous toks said...

you look really nice...I like the dress and the make up is subtle.

5/10/10 18:51  
Blogger JEAN-PIERRE said...

very cool hair


5/10/10 19:38  
Blogger Melody said...

You look so beautiful. With or without glasses. You're just so beautiful, seriously.

And your lady friend's body makes me wanna hit the gym and thicken up. Boy... I am getting too flabby, NOT a good look.

As for your situation, I say keep away. Make it a hi, how you doing type of relationship and leave it at that. It always gets complicated, always. I'm dealing with it now and if I told you what this boy is doing to me... you wouldn't even believe it. It's to the point where I feel like I have his life in my hands, texting me about how he has to have me, how he's drinking because of me, hurting himself... it's deep bruv.

Your friend reminds me of Uncle Bernie; Rest his Soul.


Hope this coming week is better for you.

5/10/10 19:58  
Blogger Melody said...

Lol, just adding...

Stuck up? You? Ell Oh Ell.




"I'm big boned, I'm heavy structured, I'm hung low; if I pull my shit out this whole room get dark!"


I hope you know what I'm talking about cuz if you don't this is a huge flop.

5/10/10 20:02  
Blogger simplychic said...

you look cute all dolled up :)

my week has been rough too and it's only tuesday! sometimes group work is more trouble than it's worth and i would rather just carry the whole load myself. sigh. anyway, hope next week is better for both of us.

keep showing us those pretty dresses.

6/10/10 00:39  
Blogger duckalicious said...

you sure got a lot going on :D and what a beautiful dress, you're so pretty!

that person making a pass... I take it you're not interested? these situations are sooo annoying. I don't have much hope for this friendship, maybe if that person could swallow the pride but that's rare. and even if that happens, you might not feel comfortable around them anymore. don't overthink it, wait and see what happens.

6/10/10 04:02  
Blogger Manecoarse said...

You really look gorgeous.

6/10/10 09:00  
Anonymous Pour Porter said...

You look great - hair, bralessness, make up, with and without glasses. I decided to go braless for my wedding and I wore an APC cocktail dress with matching cummerbund tie belt and my boobs looked massive-I would have preferred they looked demure and appropriate like yours do-haha

6/10/10 19:15  
Anonymous joelle van dyne said...

you look so great! with OR without glasses. i love your whole look.

6/10/10 21:09  
Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

Julia is one smart lady. I agree on both points that you look great with/without glasses, and if there's any attraction in a friendship, it stops being a real friendship. I've lost many a guy friend because we couldn't navigate the weird space between friendship and one-sided attraction.

And I'm so with you on the hoochie dresses at church. I'm not even religious, but damn. There are grandparents and little children at weddings. Save those dresses for the bachelorette party.

7/10/10 10:08  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

Yeah...there is no coming back to friendship after shooting down a man's advances. They tend to not like the friend box after they've made a romantic pass...and if they pretend to like the friend box, they're only in it in hopes of screwing you in the future.

It's the truth.

9/10/10 19:45  
Blogger Emmy said...

You look super cute in that dress and the shoes are soo lovely! I've been wanting something like that forever!

11/10/10 22:27  

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