2 and three-quarter years ago, i went to a nordstrom for the very first time and charged my first special purchase. i drove alone, browsed alone, and paid alone. for these. the colors were absolutely perfect. they were a wee bit loose on me. but they were soft. so soft. nothing had fit my feet quite like these. these were my first 'adult' shoes.
then i 'loaned' them to my mom. she loved them. so much so that she wore them only once.>:-(. i wanted her to love them like i did. they would change her whole outlook, give her a bit of fun in every day she wore them.
that didn't happen, so i've finally accepted her offer to return them to me.
feels. so. good.

i sound like i'm obsessed. weird.

no, really.

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Blogger urbanrhetoric said...

i have been struggling with finding a balance between those purchases that i truly love (more $$$) and the throwaways (less $). the baby daddy wants me to be all about the purchases that i love, b/c he feels that i will actually spend less money in the long-run. *shrug* who knows...

these shoes are stunningly beautiful. you should devote a couple of posts/outfits to them. they deserve it.


10/10/10 09:12  
Blogger duckalicious said...

great look! the giant backpack looks so comforting, it made me smile immediately.

10/10/10 13:56  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

@pemora - trust him. you will spend less in the long run and throw far less away. nothing wrong with spending more on something you'll either love forever or wear the hell out of. =D

Glad you got your shoes back. I would have done the same thing.

BTW, got some wang-tips today, so this post is very timely. I'm in love...and won't be lending them to mom.

10/10/10 20:47  
Blogger simplychic said...

i like the sweatshirt with the blazer. i may have to try this.

shoes are cute too. glad you and your mom didn't have to fight over them.

11/10/10 03:45  
Anonymous joelle van dyne said...

i love the layering in this outfit! you really pull off the cold-weather-shorts look. ~joelle

11/10/10 14:54  

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