literally, 'place holder'. like this blog post. heh.

i would like one (or two, at most) of these items or something cheaper similar.  pick one! engage in idle, virtual window shopping with me.

pictures--and substance--tomorrow...or maybe monday when i catch a breather. this blog feels very one-dimensional at times. what say you all? any critiques? this is basically a sneaky way of trying to find something substantial to post about besides my mug in x,y,z shirt/jeans/shoes again. thoughts appreciated.
i think, when it gets really cold, there's little better than a really good sweater. yeah, i rhyme. what of it?

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Blogger Prêt à Porter P said...

Cool Jil Sander boots.

16/10/10 23:37  
Blogger urbanrhetoric said...

i'm loving the boots. i just bought a similar pair from jeffrey campbell (shopbop) in black and have already receivied 102 compliments. okay, maybe not that many. but a ton.

i'm feeling this fall/winter wishlist. i've been slowly moving away from my uniform of leggings and tiny dresses to maxi skirts/dresses, sweaters and trousers. maybe i'm having a 'annie hall' moment?


17/10/10 08:54  
Blogger Emmy said...

Front zip leather leggins!!! No doubt!

21/10/10 10:58  
Blogger DEAD FLEURETTE said...

the fisherman's sweater is truly lovely!! i want it myself.

27/10/10 17:22  
Blogger Prêt à Porter P said...

I thought you might be interested in these Cole Haan boots, similar to the Jil Sanders. Also they have the LD Tuttle boots on sale, but only 30% off.

25/11/10 15:45  

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