shades of fall

i'm a bonafide leafwatcher now. drove a lot of miles north to see the changing foliage. wonderful color, though the trees down here are nowhere near the peak color points. i discovered today that the idea of naked trees, icicles, and bleak wintry days makes me sad indeed. i think i don't like winter. it is possible i am apprehensive about this upcoming cold season because the last two i had were plagued with bad luck and illness. here's to a new year with uneventful holidays. :)

these are my new leather leggings. i finally got 2 pairs at a reasonable price. i do not regret my choice at all though i foresee a very long period of babying. they're beautiful and incredibly soft. like a wonderful pair of shoes...enveloping your lower body.

school this week will be hectic what with critical assignments due and another exam on thursday. i've been feeling very disheartened of late; not sure if it comes across here and i hope it doesn't.  i think my motivation is flagging, out of fear of failure, or perhaps a lack of conviction in my own ability.  i have been told for so many years that i am my own worst enemy, but how does one battle that exactly?  i mean chanting to oneself and repeating affirmations can take you only so far, right?  what about that extra bit to carry you through? where does that come from? some insurgence of influence, perchance?  is it even possible to conquer that ever-present, niggling bit of doubt?

k, that's a bit heavy for a monday morning, eh?

jacket: vintage from wartime resell blog <---- awesome
sweater: acne
leggings: helmut lang
shoes: mmm
scarf: self made

how was everyone's weekend? great i hope? the weather was lovely here, if a bit nippy. looking forward to more of it. should make getting dressed a bit more challenging as the temperatures fall.  in something like this:
chronicles of never future primitive overcoat, fw 2010

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Blogger koko // res pulchrae said...

the leaves changed color so quickly! the weekend before last everything was still green.

leather leggings are da bomb. good thing to have more than one, to alternate dry cleaning visits :-)

18/10/10 13:20  
Blogger A├»ssa said...

I doubt myself all the time, the only thing I can think of is to remind yourself and hang on to all your little/big victories that's what I do and then chant to myself "I can do it".

Seeing your picture makes me crave for nature. I want to get out of the city so bad!!

19/10/10 16:22  
Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

Oh hai, badass. That leather jacket is sick. SICK. This is the first time I've paid any attention to the leaves changing- it really it is beautiful.

As far as this whole self-doubt thing, if you have people telling you that you're awesome and can succeed, why not listen to them? I'm not being a smart-ass but sometimes you have to trust that other people can see the real you, even if you can't.

19/10/10 22:36  
Blogger Emmy said...

Those leggins are awesome!!! I've been looking for some inexpensive alternative but I've had no luck yet.

21/10/10 10:56  
Blogger Damsels said...

im not having such a great time with fall wither.. im starting to have some days when i feel ... not right.
just down i guess. so i ca relate to what you are saying .

love hat sweatshirt by the way :)

24/10/10 19:57  

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