a little color to dampen the drear.

jacket: pretty face
shirt: van heusen
pants: celine
shoes: schmoove

in the midst of a major studying/cram session. anticipate blurbs with no real chatter. bit of quiet for a change, yes? how is the weekend treating you all?

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Blogger Julia said...

Gorgeous shots and the shoes are AH-mazing. As usual. I just want to take everything you own, but I guess that's what we Southerners call "stealing," so...yeah. There won't be that. There will be envy, though, and plenty of it.

6/11/10 23:01  
Blogger Creme De La Kravitz said...

These are so odd (in a good way). They remind me of the cone heads people and I could totally see Andre 3000 wearing them.

7/11/10 00:45  
Blogger koko // res pulchrae said...

yo check it - since you have those awesome leather leggings in the same color, thought this would be a good outfit idea. look at them shoes!!!:

kate moss

7/11/10 10:52  
Blogger simplychic said...

i like your piecemeal

9/11/10 01:58  

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