it's officially brick out

coat: acne
shirt: little brother's (noticing a trend here...)
cardigan: h&m
leather leggings: helmut lang
shoes: boemos
temperatures, they are a fallin'. trying to keep my head together after several hours of studying. thinking of making it a routine. it was rather satisfying; now if only it would pay off...
dreaming of vacation. doesn't even have to be warm. i believe i've always been fully a slave to wanderlust; i've just never had the means or the independence to indulge it. now that i do....oh, my mind is wandering indeed. any suggestions? trying to keep it fairly local as i have school daily (at 9 frickin' a.m.), but next year...i will be going SOMEPLACE foreign, dammit. i know i also get moody around the holidays (imagine an entire winter of doldrums and depression and you'll be about where i usually am) but am hoping to make a difference this year. i'm doing what i've always wanted to; i'm healthy and happy and (mostly) normal. what's not to be happy about, yes?

will also be tinkering with the layout here. expect a couple of bugs...

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Anonymous Pour Porter said...

Seriously, seriously love this outfit on you. Do you want to stay in the states? You don't care if it's cold or not?

2/11/10 09:47  
Blogger Pennerad said...

i don't care if it's cold or not and i definitely don't HAVE to stay in the states. i think that while planning, i realized that i could either save for a bigger trip next year and do something random now OR splurge this year and pay tuition with my credit card... :) oh, decisions, decisions.

2/11/10 10:17  
Blogger Sing said...

So funny you mentioned that. I'm having the same dilema. Go somewhere during my week off in November or save for somewhere bigger early Spring.
Puerto Vallarta Mexico was on my list, what do you feel about that? I hear it is one of the nicest and safest parts of Mexico.


2/11/10 10:32  
Blogger Julia said...

Hmm, even though I'm bespelled by the leather leggings, I'm going to suggest Prague, in the Czech Republic. It's..sinister and magical. And kind of even funner in the winter, though I guess you'd have to do that one later since it's not local. Someplace relatively close? I've always wanted to go to Newport, Rhode Island to see the mansions. My mom lived in a caretaker's house there as a girl and always talked about how magical it is....

2/11/10 14:22  
Blogger Pennerad said...

Hmm, I've heard wonderful things about Puerto Vallarta but never thought to visit Mexico. Definitely GO! Maybe I could do that as my big trip next year as I've heard it's a good place to spend some time vs a short jaunt.

Lol at your bespelling. I think I'm addicted...this could become a VERY expensive habit. I've definitely considered Prague. I've actually always wanted to go to Siberia. I figured I could do that next year for the trip we are planning, but alas, no one was on board. jerks.
In terms of proximity, so far Pennsylvania, Delaware and Rhode Island have come up on the list. I'm sort of on the fence about avoiding the major cities or doing the sight seeing business. I'm more of a stay-in-bed-except-when-the-maid-comes-to-clean-cuz-i'm-on-vacation type of gal. We'll see. Got a major exam coming up and then moving and THEN that decision will be a priority. Thanks for the suggestions; will definitely try to see the mansions. I do that here: drive through Riverdale to gawk at beautiful, massive homes I can never live in. Favorite hobby, I think.

2/11/10 17:57  
Blogger Emmy said...

If you really want to relax, I suggest Hawaii! I was there a few years ago and I can't wait to go back... So relaxing! I also want to visit San Francisco soon!

3/11/10 13:23  
Blogger The Queen of Hearts said...

I'd agree with you except... I'm in SW Florida and its hot! :)

The Black Queen

4/11/10 19:38  

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