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i have loved bjork since the first time i heard 'venus as a boy'. i was very late to the game, having had a different musical upbringing (more classics, motown, and very old reggae), but am now a hardcore fan. she's so emblematic of what i believe to be the female experience, experimenting unabashedly with her image and style--both musically and otherwise. 
i am in an introspective mood again today and have found myself very burdened lately. i would like to be more bjork-like. i think both my life and my inner self could use a bit (LOT) of change. so....i'm forcing myself to be my own harbinger of promise. yes, yes. more self-motivational chatter on this blog. sometimes i feel it's necessary to give oneself a self-injected boost. work has been wearing me thin and in slumps like this, i find it easy to sink into a state of complete moroseness. i'd rather not. forward motion is very important to my current lifestyle; i'm trying to ensure that i do not allow hesitation and indecision to derail my plans for myself. ever had to remind yourself of why you are doing something? i hope so. otherwise, this is a bit crazy and my inane ramblings are those of a loon.

this was soothing today when i needed a little encouragement. the colors are so light.

i'm back.

vest: rogan
jacket: pretty face
sweater: acne
shirt: j. crew
skirt: april, may
shoes: frye

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Blogger simplychic said...

those images are soooo cool!

i'm going to steal that leather jacket from you. you better watch out next time i'm in your city ;)

11/11/10 00:57  
Blogger A├»ssa said...

That is some cool layering you did here!

13/11/10 16:06  
Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

First things first- love the outfit, LOVE the skirt. Secondly, I have to constantly remind myself that I have goals and aspirations beyond the daily crap I have to do to pay my bills. Being an adult is hard.

14/11/10 11:12  

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