gumby hair

yep. definitely gumby hair.

this outfit was good for me. it wasn't much to look at in hindsight, but i got ready in about 15 minutes with a precious few items in only a few moments and wasn't worried about matching or not, or whether or not i would be comfortable. it felt good to just pull some things from my closet and wear them with ease. this didn't photograph well and my hair was all kinds of effed up, but it was like running errands in my pajamas. i didn't even want to change when i got home. that's saying A LOT. clearly, i need to find more items that give me that feeling. getting dressed would be so much EASIER. took it very, VERY easy today and tomorrow, LEASE SIGNING. i'm alternately super-stoked and horrified, at the prospect of new adventures and packing, respectively. anyway, i'm off to bed. it's been a long day of...laziness. productivity tomorrow. the most productive thing i did today was this:

and rinsing honey out of my hair. oh, and defending my sexuality. again. weird.
any big plans for the weekend? i feel like my life is slipping away; all i do is dream about textbooks and exams! ergo, i must live vicariously through you darlings who visit and read. hope all's well out there.

shirt: rick owens drkshdw
pants: les chiffoniers
shoes: costume national

here's some inspiration for the short days ahead:
src: vanessa jackman
src: vanessa jackman

bon weekend!

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Blogger koko // res pulchrae said...

aaahh where did you find the suede?!!

looks awesome!

what's with the picture of the gummy worms? haha, j/k.

13/11/10 09:46  
Blogger A├»ssa said...

I love your trousers! Koko and you are slowly driving my interest to Les Chiffoniers pants...

13/11/10 16:14  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

There is so much going on in this post, I can't even respond properly.

This is the best kind of outfit. You look great and those pants are amazeballs. Love your hair. Kick whoever asked you what you do in the privacy of your own draw's.

And damn you got ass. =P

13/11/10 17:37  
Blogger urbanrhetoric said...

i am in LOVE with those pants. in love.

and, like koko, i thought you were posting a pic of gummy worms.

and homey's way-long cardi in the 1st pic is making my night. i want one.


ps: when are we going to hang?

13/11/10 19:58  
Anonymous joelle van dyne said...

wowww those pants! they're so amazing, and look awesome on you. ~joelle

19/11/10 11:54  
Blogger JEAN-PIERRE said...

this is supper cute

19/11/10 14:32  
Blogger missDTM said...

i LOVE this outfit. and to be honest--i thought your post title said, "grumpy hair" not "gumby hair" at first. doesn't matter either way...i love your hair!

20/11/10 09:51  
Blogger Pennerad said...

hey guys:
sorry for the redundant vanishing. life hurts right now!

those gummy worms are the bane of my existence right now!

it's all koko's fault. she made me do it and now i'm hooked. tsk, koko. tsk.

lol, in the privacy of my own draws is hilarious. yo, these pants would be perfect for an lsd trip. kept catching myself rubbing my leg. 'mmmmmmsueeeeeeede'.
and you think i have ass?

homey's cardi has inspired a new hunt for a similar item. or at least one that makes me look even slightly as swaggerific.
we can hang, basically whenever. i'm still down for that bronx swap...(ahem, you balldropper you).

thanks so much!


thanks for the compliment; my hair is a crazy mess right now. been doing buns for days because it's too long and short at the same time, lol. any suggestions on taming the curl?

20/11/10 11:39  
Blogger Emmy said...

Wow! THose pants/leggins are amazing!

5/12/10 12:34  
Blogger DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...


But more so, jealous of your bootay.

9/12/10 12:46  

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