reflection: dress for the occasion

jacket: zara
sweater: ralph lauren
shirt: dkny
pants: rick owens
shoes: maison martin margiela

the purpose of this blog was, perhaps, misinformed. i was younger, and (somewhat) less wise. i wanted to have a medium in which to express my thoughts, but also to show others how 'cool' i could be in front of the camera (<--less wise part). as time progressed, i found that being able to look back on what i wore on a day to day basis definitely helped me in identifying what looked best or was least flattering. this year has been the foray into specificity, trying to 'type' my style. of late, however, what with school, and well, life, crashing down upon me, i have found that i am less particular in trying to fix my outfits into a particular vein. rather, i tend to reach for those items that bring me feelings of (various forms of) comfort, and ease, and protection. on my toughest days, a simple tee and my leather leggings and a pair of oxfords have been the foundations of my looks.
this, above, was focused around comfort and warmth. none of it really 'goes' in my opinion, but these lovely shoes gave me a reason to smile all day. while merely material, i love them and all their detailing. this sweater is one of the warmest i own and i love the prepster feel of brown houndstooth (brownstooth???) and the simplicity of the zippered opening. the pants are incredibly soft and supple, even on the inside, against the skin. and the shirt underneath, a simple long sleeve, is the only one i have ever been able to find that fits the entire length of my arms and torso. the armpits have been stained from deodorant and i didn't want that to show, so i kept it covered with the cardigan. i'm considering tossing it since i don't think the stains will come out, but for this day, i wanted everything as simple as possible. i donned the blue jacket because the boy said of all my jackets, it was the most complementary to the overall look. after the photos, i also added my elbow length brown gloves and fluffy orange scarf for added protection from the wind. i probably looked a hot mess, but covered in all these things, i felt like a confident force to be reckoned with, at ease with my body and the items on it.
i know that's a LOT of verbiage for a single outfit, but isn't that why we all do this? we spend a peculiar amount of time looking over an item, at any price point, for what will make it uniquely a part of OUR individual wardrobes. a basic sweater/shirt/pant is only basic while it's on the hanger. on one's form, it becomes a part of you, imbued with your energy, energy that you give it. all the things i'm wearing held positive energy for me, and during tough times, i feel it's nice to have a little boost. some have jewelry, some just prefer to be bare in the face of difficulty; i like to feel protected. my cocoon of layers and brown gave me this. and i was content.
right now i'm wearing flannel sweats and a simpson's shirt that declares 'I'M IDAHO'. why? because i'm protein treating my hair and packing up all my belongings and this was the most comfortable, suitable attire for the job. my sister gave me the pants and a very dear, close friend gave me the shirt; she made it herself. while i pack, i have caught myself touching the flannel while thinking, and thinking of my sister. and it brings me a bit of peace, and a smile. stress-free, guys.

i hope you are all having a great weekend. if you commented in the past 2 weeks or so, i have been trying to be more responsive in the actual comment space, as opposed to your respective blogs or in my subsequent posts. i feel i may more directly answer your questions (if any) that way.

here's some additional inspiration i came across. i have always, always preferred a more masculine silhouette, so will be trying to incorporate more boyish cuts into my style.  happy saturday :)

all from sz's outfit forum
reflectively, p

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Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

Why are you packing things up? New apt? I think every blogger looks back on what they did a year or two ago and cringes. And I bet it'll happen again next year and the year after that. This is such an unusual way to share yourself. That need for connection is in all of us, I guess.

20/11/10 23:21  
Blogger A├»ssa said...

Well I actually think that "life's crashing down" is how you find out more about your style. Looking back at outfits I posted on TFS, it's like it's another person sometimes. I still own most of the same clothes but would not wear them the same way. It was so put together, thought out now I don't care so much.
It's mainly about being comfortable with myself. Like you I'm often wearing gifts from loved ones that give me comfort when I wear them.

22/11/10 10:49  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

I just want to give you a hug for some reason.


Ok. That worked.

24/11/10 23:45  

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