as promised, an update:
sweater: free people
long sleeve: inhabit
leggings: les chiffoniers
boots: frye

but wait, there's more:

12810 from pennerad on Vimeo.

yeah...not big on editing and all that cool, snazzy stuff. sorryyyy.
anyhoo, i'm off to go wail myself into a corner do laundry because i'm having a horrific day. hope you guys fared better on this GORGEOUS but freezing thursday.
talk soon.


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Blogger samantha. said...

love these mini outfit vignettes :)
very inspiring!


9/12/10 12:53  
Blogger Marie said...

Awwww....hope your day gets better! Liked the video, cozy cute outfit:)

9/12/10 14:00  
Blogger koko // res pulchrae said...

great outfit - love the sweater! and nice to see the outfit in action.

9/12/10 19:09  
Anonymous girl6_nyc said...

love the outfit, who makes the coat? It looks so warm!

9/12/10 20:57  
Blogger Prêt à Porter P said...

New sweater? It looks so cool! Also so does that huge parka. Anywho, here's hoping you have a better day.

9/12/10 23:03  
Blogger Melody said...

I really like the video :) you look waaaarm and comfy! I have not been out of my house in 2 days, can not wait to wrap up tomorrow :) hope your day changed for the better. Btw, does your hair dry out in winter? I am having trouble with mine and running out of protective styles I actually like.

9/12/10 23:03  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

You know...I like this outfit post setup...may have to swagger jack...

9/12/10 23:28  
Blogger simplychic said...

o i love the video! so much so that i think i am going to try it one day. much more time efficient than taking pics.

i love your jacket, especially the lining. i know it kept you warm :)

10/12/10 00:12  
Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

Hmmm, the video is a pretty cool way to show off your outfit, but I always like photos because they show more of the details.

10/12/10 12:13  
Blogger Pennerad said...

so glad you like them!

yes, it proved very cozy! and the day did get better. i'm trying to be less whiny these days and just appreciate more. :)

also wanted to add that i completely understand your post on unconditional love. this parka is incredibly heavy and i often find myself struggling to find places to stuff it when i go out, apologizing to others for having to move it around for me, knocking over chairs. it takes up its own seat when we go to restaurants. it's quite a pain. and yet i love it so!

hey! the coat is by nicholas k and is called the 'wess' parka. the shearling lining zips out which makes it a great transition piece.

no, it's actually quite old. because of the low neck, i have trouble finding things to wear under it. it was an 'i don't give a crap day' so i just put on this other sweater under it, but i've had the heavier one since freshman year or so of college. and thanks, the day improved. must be all the well-wishers.

heyyyy, glad you liked it. i hate the cold. i get sick at the drop of a hat, so i have to be diligent when temps drop. for my hair, i will likely be doing a rendition of last winter's hair; it definitely does dry out and i hate that feeling. i would twist my hair in no particular style, and then roll it and pin it all around. this kept the ends tucked in and very moist (i would also coat the ends of the twists with black castor oil). here are 2 links:
let me know if that helps. otherwise, we will have to find a new solution together.

jack away, m'love. i will be stealing that turban look from you, i think.

yes! it saves so much time! and MAN power, lol. i find it easier to do it this way so for the time being, i think it will be the default. still trying to sort out this layout. i'm OVER it.

i know what you mean. that's why i tried to include the pile of clothes, but it IS just a pile of clothes. so not chic, lol. i'm working on it...

10/12/10 17:12  
Blogger missDTM said...

<3 the video! such a great idea...

11/12/10 11:16  
Blogger MsMedSchool said...

i.love.that.coat! and i could have sworn i clicked that follow button! i knew something was wrong with my list lol

20/12/10 21:51  

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