new fascination

i have always been partial to stripes. i'm broad-shouldered for a girl so i have also always heard that horizontal stripes are not suited for folks of my...er...latitude. they are better suited for frail, willowy frames.
given the versatility, however, i am disregarding all that rot in the hunt for a perfect collection of simple, versatile tops. 

on the last leg, now, boys.
cheers to coming out the other side alive.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Striped shirts are fashion's gift to mankind; EMBRACE THEM. And since you rock everything you wear, I can't wait to see your stripey looks.



20/12/10 19:25  
Blogger simplychic said...

every single looks is perfection and i want to copy them all!

i can't get enough of stripes either. it's such a good basic. really takes a plain outfit to the next level.

21/12/10 23:48  

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