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new boots. i dubbed them my 'go-go boots'. the day promptly turned into a bizarre adventure. i feel these two points are not entirely unrelated.
sweater: 3 dots
jeans: j brand
boots: sacco
i have been on the hunt for an ideal coat for quite some time. the stand collar, material, length and cut are all perfect for me.
yohji yamamoto coat
proenza schouler turtleneck
j brand 912
dieppa restrepo lace up
jerome dreyfuss billy bag
odeon scarf

if only i had the coat and bag...this would be perfect!

hope your weekends are relaxed and cozy. i need to study...

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Blogger Marcia B. said...

love your blog!

12/12/10 19:20  
Blogger Prêt à Porter P said...

Gold shoes are awesome! Reminds me of the mood of the gold cuban heels from Dior Homme Fall 2005. I like the polyvore coat and scarf you picked out. I've seen stand up collar coats on All Saints' website, but more structured than the yohji.

12/12/10 20:17  
Blogger Marie said...

Love the heels on those boots...my ideal height! As much as I'd like to be able to walk, comfortably, in 3-4 inchers; I just won't torture myself like that anymore.

13/12/10 11:04  
Blogger Pennerad said...

@marcia b:
i'm flattered, thank you!

oddly, that was mostly my inspiration. i have seen the dior homme boots on many women but had not been able to find a pair in my size or price range (ahem). lucked out with these. i've already been teased about the pointy toe and obnoxious color (which is rather a dusky, more muted gold vs actual go-go gold, lol), but i think i made a major score!
thanks for the heads up re: all saints. will check them out again.

yes, i have learned the hard way that the only person who will suffer at the hands of MY stiletto wearing is MYSELF. sucks. :)

14/12/10 12:25  

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