happy holidays, all.

 bit of detail...

so...was santa good to you all? i'm waiting on my real christmas presents: my final grades for the semester. apparently my professors saw fit to enjoy the holiday before submitting our evaluations, despite there being a deadline of the 23rd...awesome. so now, i'm having trouble sleeping. no seriously, nightmares about failing all my classes and having to repeat them.

in the meantime, the boy got me some of the disney movies since i haven't seen most of them. it was a sweet, thoughtful gift, but i REALLY wanted to have those no.6 boots (i'm actually now considering 2 pairs 0_0). with all the expenses that came up this semester, i wasn't able to save as much as i wanted to (ahem, none). but will see how the saving goes for the new year. been working my butt off since school let out. hoping to keep racking up hours until i have to go back. aaaaaanyhoo, what are you all planning for new years? anyone in new york want to invite me out...?

coat: acne
shirt: alexander wang
jeans: buffalo
boots: frye
scarf: eddie bauer
gloves: portolano

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Blogger Melody said...

:O THE HAIRRR. Oh my. You look beautiful, I seriously adore your smile. Hope you had a Happy Christmas! Santa brought me, amongst other wonderful gifts, Mr Wang's Rocco. Do you knooooow how long I have been drooling over this baby? The boy does listen to me sometimes then. BUT here is the kicker, I was soooo disappointed with it. The leather is great, stunning in fact, but the whole feel of it. It slouches weird. I can't even tell Tray because he is not one to spend a lot on material things, so I will just have to learn to love it. Very sweet/thoughtful gift from your boy. And don't worry too much about the grades, I am sure you did well!

27/12/10 16:24  
Blogger Marie said...

Oh my...Your hair looks amazing!

27/12/10 16:52  
Blogger Prêt à Porter P said...

I like the polyvore and your real life coat! Your frye boots are pretty cool too. I hope your real xmas presents are what you wanted!

I was thinking about Beauty & the Beast recently, like hey was that a movie about Stockholm Syndrome??? I can't remember exactly how she ended up in the castle... something about letting her father go if Belle stayed prisoner. I can only think about my old childhood coloring book of the movie.

27/12/10 19:24  
Blogger A Stylized Hysteria said...

How does that simple shirt hang so well on you? Cuuute. And your professor is a sadist but no worries, I'm sure you'll get great grades!

27/12/10 21:12  
Blogger Emmy said...

Love love the collage with the real life picture! Brilliant! I've always wanted to do it, but I don't know how to do it!
Santa was good to me :)

27/12/10 22:24  
Blogger missDTM said...

love this outfit. why aren't you knee deep in snow?

i wish i had awesome nye plans to invite you to but i still haven't decided what i'm doing. :-/

27/12/10 23:39  
Blogger Prêt à Porter P said...

-ps. not sure if these are the ones you wanted but someone is selling their no. 6 boots: http://thegeneraleconomy.blogspot.com/2010/12/no-6-black-boots-size-40.html

28/12/10 09:40  
Blogger Pennerad said...

i'm sorry it's not all you wanted, but still--surely you're excited? it's a shame. i hate when you plunk down several bills on an item and it's not what you expected. hopefully, you learn to genuinely love it!

thanks so much! it's a pain to upkeep... :)

thank you! i think i have developed a love for navy. this acne coat is a nice in-between weight. with the crazy weather we have had, i had to set it aside for my shearling parka, but the two are tied as favorites. alas, i did not get what i wanted, but i DID get some unexpected treasures. will share soon.
LOL at beauty and the beast stockholm syndrome. i definitely think there's something to it, because i thought the VERY SAME THING!

AND THANK YOU THANK YOU for the post script. going to try and haggle with the boy for those (the short ones are the secondary want; i still truly want the over knee style).

@stylized hysteria
i LOVE this shirt. in all honesty, i wore it twice in the same week. now that it's in the laundry i will need to go dig it out and do a load, lol. thanks for the well wishes. i'm crossing my fingers.

well, i'm not TOO internet savvy, but was able to figure out how to utilized 'print screen' and google uploader is very helpful with these. if you REALLY want to know, i could share with you how i did it?
and i KNOW santa was good to you. that man of yours probably had something to do with it. ;-)

girl, i took these photos a WEEK ago on my way out to work, lol. i totally cheated.
and i will message you about impending plans. maybe you can come through? it's my birthday. :)

28/12/10 16:10  
Blogger Aïssa said...

Very cool outfit!

7/1/11 06:49  

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