made me laugh

Donald O'Connor, comic bit from Singin' in the Rain. This is TRUE performance. Beyonce is great and all, but you can't beat old Hollywood.
Can't sleep and found this. Great film, really. So is Don Lockwood's outfit. Those pants! That HAT! Couldn't find a photo of him dressed thus, unfortunately, but Gene Kelly is a don.

insomnia f*cking sucks. all images via dropular.

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new muse

Alessandra Colombo

Fashion designer

Best Sartorial advice from your parents?
When I was twelve my mother took me to get my first custom made jacket and shoes – she gave me the essential basis of a perfect wardrobe

Style Icons?
Loulou de la Falaise, Frida Kahlo, the Gainsbourg-Birkin family.

Describe your personal style
It’s usually quite androgynous with super feminine touches.

Personal Style quirk
I always buy trousers (with creases) at least two sizes bigger than my size - in order to style them my own way.

Favorite designers
Forever and ever: Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent

Most underrated item in menswear/womenswear?
The hat; we should all wear a hat more often!

Your next "must have" purchase?
A vintage yellow gold Rolex chronograph

Favorite Book?
Alice in Wonderland

via the sartorialist

she takes menswear to a different level. love this. this is my aspiration re: menswear, which is my fall-back style, i guess. i'm still tailoring my wardrobe to fit my new lifestyle and approach to style and fashion. i think a few good, well-placed staples are very important in any wardrobe and will give me (or my closet) the flexibility to move and change and adapt to new sartorial interests.
SO! who's got turkey to look forward to?

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i am thankful for
boys with flowers and comforting voices
my newfound faith in myself and my future (fingers crossed)
the mac and cheese i made last night
this blog, as it provides me with an outlet for my neuroses
the camera i will have to buy soon...

thanks for reading and listening to my rants about hair and stupid stuff.
thanks for providing your input on many of these silly rants about hair and stuff.
thanks for writing your own blogs! i quite enjoy reading them. truly, i feel i have better connections with many people i've never met than the people that live around me. i'm a weirdo that way.

so i've broken my camera and am not as yet positive what i'll be filling these entries with, but expect lots of introspection; i will be spending most of my thanksgiving alone; i had to renege on my promise to a friend; and i'm completely stumped on what to get people for thanksgiving.
but i'm thankful for my many blessings, including the ones above. now...bring on the mac and cheese. and the inevitable weight gain. i finally fit into my stiffest capital E skimmers too. this is probably my last thanksgiving of fun and frolicking as 'real life' will be catching up to me soon. yikes.


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big love

everyone i know hates this dress. i quite like it. acne 'verve'. it's a little mormon, a little bit rock and roll. or just weird. either way, i always get tons of odd looks when i wear this dress. i love the pockets.

coat: walter
sweater: h&m
dress: acne 'verve'
top: j crew
shoes: boemos
bag: stolen from mom
over knee socks (not pictured): sockdreams

enjoyed a very slow weekend, chock full of games and ice cream. and CHEESECAKE. also got my hair controlled by a very good friend of mine (thanks joss). and am now intent on maintaining it regularly after having to cut out several inches. i have chunks of hair missing and you can't tell with a naked eye...i have a veritable mop on my head...happy monday (ugh).

all from dropular

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was late to daul fever, but susceptible as the rest of us. such a sudden end to her ascent. i am convinced there was foul play...but what do i know. outside of that incident, i hadn't seen or heard the news in nearly 4 days. wherever you are, our prayers are with you, daul.

please excuse the water droplet. did not notice it until it was too late.

these are the second-shortest shorts i own. let the frump jokes begin...lol. worn for a day in the rain. these boots will be up for grabs in about an hour...posting them on ebay. decided to look for something a little different.
i got my hair done finally...nothing fantastic...but quite a deal easier!

did absolutely NOTHING today...and loved it. note to self: work from home always in future.

top: sisley
shorts: dkny
stockings: target
boots: marni
cropped jacket: zara
bag: stolen from mom
scarf: LOST!!!! also from mom. i'm actually heartbroken. the mad pursuit for an identical one has ensued.

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faux patriot

i'm not american. but the wall was nice, no?
still working on hair issues. so mad right now. i had to CUT my hair last night. CUT!!! so many tangles and knots and stuff caught in it, lol. it's like a bigass web.
i've just been informed of lavarhairdesigns, a high-priced 'african american' establishment on the upper west side.
today i look like gumby. hopefully, by the end of the weekend, i can look...normal?

SO, i'm selling stuff!!! to pay for other stuff...of course, so if anyone is interested in those marni boots, let me know cuz they're up for grabs. will be posting the pics and stuff on ebay tonight (cross fingers) as i've finally got some alone time with my pc.
i'm going to a dinner party and hopefully out for drinks on saturday. that's pretty much my docket for the next couple of days, along with some spending (to be offset by the selling; it's good to maintain a balance). maybe i'll get a blow-out...who's got great plans for the weekend?



the boys are back in town

just beat heavenly sword. score. first ps3 game down...lots to go.

jacket: firma
sweater: f21
shirt: banana republic
tie: a boy's
jeans: earnest sewn
shoes: dieppa restrepo
bag: burberry

enjoying a slooooow weekend. managed to eat some solid food before i was supposed to. cheated...but i was starving, dammit. and had my first bottle of moscato. yes. bottle. happy saturday. :-)

expecting a few new purchases as well as selling some things of former import. still whittling my closet. i need some clarity in my life. i find that dumping helps me do this. i missed my bellydance class (again) due to the after-effects of vicodin. and yoga is so expensive in the city. doing it alone, i feel like it's not right. so what do you do for cleansing?

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losing my wisdom

do excuse the mean face. i've been having quite a hard time of it lately. and the icing on the cake is the new need to pull my wisdom tooth; haven't been able to eat anything all week. also just found out one of the buildings i had thought i was ineligible to buy into has apartments being auctioned off starting sunday. yay. so now, i sit, blogging, watching french films, and waiting for the gauze to stop the bleeding so i can finally eat something. yesterday, i had my last night of culinary freedom. ethiopian at massawa...so good. totally worth not having eaten in...more hours than i can count.
my friends are all going out tonight. the black eyed peas are at hudson terrace. and im HOME ALONE. blast...do, regale me with stories of your fantastic weekend plans!

jacket: zara
top: rvca
jeans: maison martin margiela
shoes: cordwainer of new hampshire
earrings: gift from guatemala

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black and white and stuff all over

so this is a post about outerwear. was not meant to be a post about outerwear, but i've got a million different over-things. went a little shutter happy on sunday afternoon. pardon the delay in posts. with the passing of midterms and the beginning of the more grueling part of the semester, i have had to share my computer time (not mad, i swear), but i have made up for it in photos. oodles of photos i have stuffed onto my memory card. and there are more to come! so will have to divvy up time at work (yes, work, don't act like i'm the only one procrastinating at work). and time at home.

yes, i know. i suck at editing. anyway, i was also tagged by Alicia at Instant Vintage

first tag ever, woot! so these are my seven interesting things. fascinating, really.
1. i love shoes. shoes i can't afford; shoes on clearance; oxford shoes, platform shoes, and BOOTS...ahhh, boots. so many shoes, i have a 6" steel shoe rack that took 2 people to put together.

2. i cut all my hair off last year (around october), looked like a prepubescent boy, grew it out, and am now suffering from wtf syndrome. it's just big and confused and i have no idea what to do with it all. my nickname is 'mop', nowadays. i'm jamaican and i find that persons of color and, West Indians especially, do not approve of this hair, whereas other ethnicities do. tough tits.

3. i love crocheting/embroidery/knitting. people think i'm really old for doing this, in public, no less, but it's such a productive hobby! just learned a few new stitches and will post about what i've made recently. current project: pouch for my knitting needles.

4. i am a budding author/activist/doctor. yes, all those things. i used to love school. i'm going back come spring (cross fingers) and hope to be on the path to completion of all these goals by fall of 2010.

5. i sing random sentences. and words. and phrases. and have a random habit of putting 'the' in front of everything (i.e. the bryant park; the yankee stadium, etc).

6. i am a massive tomboy. the tales of my wearing baggy trousers w/boxers and wifebeaters in COLLEGE are epic. my video game addiction and lack of interest in so-called 'girly' things seems to have reinforced this belief in other folks. i've been a third party listener to the embarrassing tales. i like to think i have somewhat recovered from the ugly phase of my tomboyness and have embraced it in a more graceful form that does not require that i look like an ex-con.

7. i talk to EVERYONE. very friendly. especially for nyc. people here think i'm a weirdo for saying good morning and smiling at people. i'm by no means a morning person, but i find that if i make eye contact with a person and smile at them (not creepy pedophile smile) they tend to smile back. all you need is love, world.

so there is my random smattering of information. sorry for the long post. will make up for it by posting more regularly.

thanks for reading!

forgot to tag folks. sooo...i tag
the divinitus
miss non human
la rue neuve
6 inches and a prayer
glamorous eccentric
and fashion cappuccino

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i have lost my iphone.
am also mourning the perpetual breakout and consequent awful skin i'm suffering from.
the sun sets at 4 now. really? wtf...
my hangover from the weekend has carried over into the week. dreadful...
going to buy a new phone tomorrow: blackberry curve vs iphone. any suggestions???

the only upshot of this week is that i've got a new ps3 and the shiny newness is helping me cope. sweet.

see below inundation of dark/blurry/over exposed images. :-)

cardigan: unknown
shirt: bershka
shorts: dkny
tights, socks: unknown
shoes: cydwoq

ahhhhh, still so drunk. i got my first tag!!! thanks to innyvinny for popping that cherry. will submit responses tomorrow. when i'm more lucid.

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