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been getting some excellent sartorial advice from pretaporterp on trying to dress myself. feels like toddling about with no clue where to turn, lol. going to be spending a lot of time in fitting rooms, it seems, as things that used to look great, now look....less than.....and with the changes i'll be going through in coming months, i need the sort of wardrobe that allows me to just grab and go. no thought. no process. no trying to force all the various shades in my wardrobe to go together. i may be able to work the learning experience into the dailies. if anyone gives a crap.
super tired. work. school. other work. life....it's a little exhausting.
i did really enjoy this look. felt very confident here despite being with a rather 'tough' crowd today. it was nice to be comfortable, feel comfortable, enjoy the day without constant pulling, tucking, tweaking, staring sort of uncomfortably at my outfit. i didn't iron a damn thing. i left, wrinkles and all, and didn't worry about it. i like those days. those days of just feeling good. you ever have those?

oh, and those shoes up there? i'm sprung.

jacket: zara
shirt: corpus
shorts: dkny
shoes: martin margiela
bag: jas mb

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these photos are neither artisitic nor well-composed, but i was photog-less

this last one....def giggleworthy.

reminded me of this

and in that same vein, this is kinda adorable if you neglect to focus on the psychosocial ramifications:

lil kids dancing warms my black heart.

sidebar:  happy birthday to innyvinny!
this seemed the most appropriate blogger birthday cake....it'd be awesome if they could've gotten a flash on there....maybe in candle form?
i want cake. dammit.

oh, don't worry, i'm washing my hair today and finally combing through it. will let you know how many inches i lose in the process.

shirt: american apparel (it's like a sweatshirt inside! it's sooo soft!)
pants: maison martin margiela (ligne 6? i think?)
shoes: cole haan. i love wearing these. so obnoxiously bright.
hoodie not pictured: levi's, same color EXACTLY as the shoes. unintentional, swear.

and thanks to these pants, this happened to me like 816384 times at work:

Anjelah Johnson - Butt Check-Out

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the hangover

first day of school. totally trashed from yesterday. :(
whole new take on naughty schoolgirl. lol.
yeah, that took a wrong turn.
now that i have bought schoolbooks and pens and highlighters and stuff, i feel ready for CLASSES. yaay, i promise to be fully sober on monday for school. **nodding**

sweater: f21
shirt: calvin klein
jeans: earnest sewn
shoes: henry beguelin
bag: dkny

also, now that i have worked for 59 hours since last thursday (more work tomorrow and next week, btw), i will have sufficient funds to:
a. invest in a netbook. this laptop is BANANAS-heavy
b. purchase a new iphone. the shsattered screen has now begun to come loose
c. buy some more oyin products. my hair is in dire need.
d. save.
e. oh, and fix my thigh high boots so they fit better. hoping they are kickass for fall. kick.ASS.

k, back to work. so GEEKED i am getting paid!

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i have never been particularly feminine. i can remember only once being excited about dressing up; i had a crazy floral printed dress with a strappy back. it was my favorite article of clothing and i never once wore it because it felt false. since then, i have often been teased for wearing dresses with an effeminate affectation. simply was never able to pull of the dainty girl look. 
having looked at gillian tennant's collection, however, i find my interest in soft fabrics and colors renewed. though spring has long come and gone, i like the refreshing palette of tennant's imagination.  i would ideally like to wear her bloomer shorts (been looking for a pair like this for AGES!) and silk top as follows:

while not overtly feminine, i find the tougher boots and structured jacket balance out the look to keep it more 'me'. the versatility of her collection is wonderful! i'd never be able to pull this outfit off with strappy pumps and dangly earrings, but this would be a great fall look, no? i'd maybe even top it off with a super chunky scarf and this hat.....

so cozy! it's chilly tonight, so i'm probably biased, but i'm suddenly eager for fall.  and a raise so i can afford those everlastingly expensive boots. 

find the g.t. collection here.

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i don't like this outfit anymore.

totally ashy. an' i hope you don't like it...lol.

sweater: h&m
shirt: scala
belt: ???
jeans: rag and bone
shoes: cnc, costume national

been living in this sweater for the past few weeks. it is the perfect cut and weight for crisp summer evenings and cold trains and chilly office spaces.  will definitely be needing another one.  i wonder if they still make it?

also been enjoying the last dregs of summer and racking up hours at work. so many hours. as in i got home at nearly 3 this morning and will be going back to work tonight at 6...i may actually need to get more sleep now.

dood....DOOOOOD, school starts on THURSDAY! *hangs self* but i'm actually kind of stoked to spend some time on self-amelioration. heh. will let you know how it turns out round about christmas time.  i think this could be really good for me.  a series of very difficult decisions and hard lessons have brought me here and i'm very happy that i went through them. just ready now for it to be 'me-time'.  me time is essential.  my good word of the day:  please give yourselves as much me time as YOU need. sometimes, we (ahem, i) forget to put others aside in order to give yourself some much needed *insert noun here*. so this is just a friendly reminder to occasionally say f*** the world and give yourself what you need.  happy monday. :)

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today is my first day of work. i must leave shortly and yet, here i sit, tap-tap-tapping away like a moron. i've just dragged everything out of my closet and onto my bedroom floor because i'm fed up with it all and can't bear to look at the clutter. i really must take a serious look at the things in there and try to purge again (hey alicia!!!). perhaps this can be a monthly thing. i know there are items in there i will not be wearing any time soon, yet i dread throwing them out and wishing i had not. and a moment later, i admit that if i need something badly enough, i will go out and find a new one that better suits my current aesthetic. dead fleurette, this is partly your fault. but i thank you for injecting this newly resurrected need for clarity in my space (again). oy....i really SHOULD get ready.

as true fall draws nearer, i yearn for more and more warm knits and comfy bits to ease the cool days and nights ahead. i'm quite the anti-femme with my non-stiletto policy. i quite like heels, y'know. just not on me. and not on the hill i have to climb to get to school. and not on my daily treks zig zagging across town. and not up and down stairs in class. but definitely into heels. anyway, here are all the items i can't afford but will try to find copies of so i can NOT spend a shitload of cash.

included (clockwise):

The Row oversized sweater;    Proenza Schouler Waffleknit sweatshirt;    GG750 Crewneck pullover;    Stella McCartney sweater;    3.1 Phillip Lim Double sleeve pullover;   Les Chiffoniers leather leggings;    Minnetonka back zipper boot;    No. 6 classic biker boots with shearling;    Acne short pistol boot;    Converse leather chucks;    Full length leather gloves;    Steven Alan ruffle panty;    Journelle lace bralette (my boobs are way too 'sensitive' for this but a girl can dream. maybe i should also invest in some pasties...);    O french knickers;    Kiki de Montparnasse silk bloomers.

I would also like a leather jacket, but alas, I could not find one that did not look like every other rick owens/helmut lang/burberry shearling knock off. still pissed about this shearling trend. hoping it fades by next year so i can buy a proper sheepskin jacket. i've AAAALWAYS wanted one dammit.

hope you're all having a good week thus far. :)

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in series

apologies for my absence. my photographer has just returned from a trip abroad. i now have decent photos again. in return for your patience, i give you this super long post. or you can just look at the pictures and move on. 


temperatures dropped last night. finally able to wear full pants and a shirt without creating my own puddle. k, that's gross.
these are some of my new purchases. summer is almost over and it feels like all my buying was supposed to be summer oriented. good thing i can carry all this into fall.  busy week and weekend ahead. i got the job i applied for, so i'm hoping it all pans out as i expect it to. a girl's gotta eat, after all.
oh, and if you were thinking of going to see dinner for schmucks?
it's a complete wash. and a terrible knock off of the original.  much like these, eh?

shirt: something italian...
jeans: earnest sewn harlan (FINALLY. they fit like a dream. i was unwilling/unable to pay $100+ for them.)
shoes: henry beguelin (!!!!!!!!)
bag: jas mb
belt: jimmy'z (manhattan mall; not sure if this is a national store or some random nyc brand)

i can carry all these things into fall. loving these shoes. went online looking for a pair of minnetonkas yesterday and realized i probably ought not purchase the brown since i've got moc-type shoes already. also of note, i went hunting for shearling about a year and a half ago as i really wanted the warmth and style of a leather jacket for winter. now that shearling is de rigeur....
i will have to deal with price points like these. this seems to happen a lot. i get obsessed with something and then it shows up on a runway and the prices inflate beyond my means. this happened with clogs, that maxi skirt/dress phase, boyfriend jeans...maybe i'm a fashion psychic.
yeah, not helpful.
damn you to hell, burberry. well, actually i love you. will you go on (mad, stupid, crazy) clearance so i can buy you?

here's that top i mentioned. took koko's advice to try new bottoms with it:

OH, i also took out my first student loan ever in life. i'm sort of mortified. i was fortunate enough to have my school fees all paid in full as an undergrad (i love scholarships). it's a bit harder in my position now as i'm not fresh out of high school and i'm taking post-grad classes at an undergrad level. it's all quite confusing, but with the loans i plan on taking out, i expect this to be my future:



higher education, here i come. fuck.

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deciding factor

more collage fun!
i was told i resemble aunt jemima with this scarf on my head. *shrugs*

self portraits, lol.

shirt: coming soon
bra: calvin klein
jeans: levi's
shoes: miu miu
scarf: vintage...something or other
messy apartment: courtesy of me; i wish i had a good photo taking spot like koko. jealz.

trying to decide if i should keep this coming soon sweater. it's a man's shirt, but the thin weave and the slouchy fit just seemed so perfect. however, upon bringing home a rather, err...large bill, i have to make some cuts and this is one of the items that may have to go back. upon trying it with this, i think it def will, however. not so chic. i kind of like my maple syrup/old slave headscarf though. i don't think anyone else did today. alas, a shit i fail to give.

how are y'all coping with this heat? i'm melting. MELTINNNNGGG. <---does this actually mimic a 'ng' sound?

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12 hours

surreptitiously took this photo. this woman's posture, skirt, and headscarf all gave the impression that she was very wise. silly, i thought. so i snapped it. :) i thought she was beautiful. and probably wise.

wait for it...

...ruining their photo.

followed by my lightning fast escape.

mesh dress: rogan
bandeau bra: calvin klein
shorts: rogan
shoes: repetto
bag: furla

picnic in central park. great conversations. admitted to possession of a blog and obsession with fashion. crazy cab ride in hunt of a bathroom. dipped in and out of a restaurant with a raging manager yelling at us. an assortment of alcoholic beverages at the bar. wings. waking up hours later with no recollection of what happened and how i got to be in stranger's bed. more drinks. tv veg session. more talking. vodka, music mix, more conversations, 2 eastern europeans and a sunrise later, i began the trek home.

full day. i am content.

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