shirt: american apparel
skirt: mmm
shoes: henry beguelin
bag: gap

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post freakout wardrobe change:

cardigan: h&m
sweater: james perse
skirt: swapped, from innyvinny
socks: gap
boots: frye
scarf: secondhand
bag: sol (yeah, i really do wear it this much)

second cardigan: f21
shirt: gap

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jacket: yanuk (i love this thing. rarely get to wear it)
shirt: j crew (on its last legs. will need to replace it soon, hopefully in multiple colors)
shorts: dkny (wardrobe constant, strangely. i love these and their deep pockets.)
shoes: mmm
bag: sol
watch: college graduation gift
silver necklace: vintage
knife and fork earrings: street vendor in boston

got a lot of strange looks wearing this. not sure if it's too dated or too trendy or too....unconventional?  i think it was a lot of coverage for the city. people bare a lot of skin this time of year trying to salvage summer, so i guess this almost 'mom' look screamed frump on streets where booty shorts and ass-skimming skirts are the norm.
still have my nose faithfully pressed to the grindstone. test tomorrow and my professor is a moron. from the consensus, it seems we, as a class, will be teaching ourselves chemistry this semester. hurray.

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swing swing swing

blazer: firma
shirt: alessandro dell'acqua
skirt: h&m
shoes: maison martin margiela
bag: furla

doing a bit of shopping. worn the day i picked up my new shearling boots. which the weather will not permit me to wear just yet. deposited the leather boots i already had at the cobbler as per alicia's (persistent/genius) suggestion.
has been a very busy week and will be a busy weekend. same goes for monday/tuesday. only now getting home from work and listing a couple items on ebay. i think i'm now addicted to 'growing' my money. heh. still fantasizing about thigh high boots. gotta wait 2 weeks for the others. depending on the outcome, will pursue the no. 6's. so yummy.
been tacking things onto my inspiration folder lately.
please peruse the following as there seems to be a common thread:

yep. i'm really a dude.

images via venetia scott, stylezeitgeist, tomboystyle, altamiranyc, shopbop, sartorialist

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stopping to smell the flowers...literally

a recent jaunt to the bronx botanical gardens proved tiresome. i wasn't feeling it and i'm not really a plant enthusiast (i know there's a better word for this....sorry), but i was coerced.
some shots of the day:

this scary guy flew over my head with a chipmunk in his claws...and promptly dug in. i'm not big on flowers, but gimme a discovery channel cameo any day and i'm happy.

best part of the day was meeting my niece. she's a handful.

battle of wits...

...she won.

punk. till next we meet on the battlefield...
oh, yeah, meet my mom.

jacket: gap
shirt: sue (best, most expensive shirt ever. fits like a dream in the softest UNsheer cotton. need more.)
pants: walter
shoes: tahari
bag: dkny
scarf: gifted

in panic mode. first exams coming up. not enough time to study. having horrifying flashbacks of bad school days...pray for me. light a candle. cross your fingers/toes/legs/eyes/anything you can. send vibes. anything. i'll need it come thursday. off to anxiously bite my fingers and attempt to function on insufficient sleep.

talk soon, dear friends!

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closer inspection

cowboy. apparently.

bag: handmade soldier's pack (or so it was sold on ebay)
jacket: h&m
shirt: plain white tee
jeans: earnest sewn
boots: frye
jewelry: gifted

so thank you all for your wonderful feedback! i went to the no. 6 store today (to get the boy's feedback) and came across these:

they're incredibly soft and very warm and the saleslady said the color suited me far better than the grey option they also had available. though i had gone in for the shorter aviator or shearling black, both she and the boy (!!!) also said these were a better color choice for me. so i bought them. it's the most expensive thing i have ever purchased for myself and i'm sort of shell shocked and kind of want to return them. the boy went into hugo boss and also committed himself to a rather hefty purchase. strange, as he is typically the naysayer when it comes to shopping. but he said for the value and quality, go for it. i also saw something similar to the acne pistols in the store. but they looked more like fryes than not, so i decided to walk away without closer inspection. i WILL, however, be going back for these definitely:

these i may get in the grey. they are 27" of wonderful, soft, heavenly beauty. the grey nubuck is not snowproof so i may have to get the black or another hard leather color. they would go wonderfully with all my leather skirts i've been banking on for the cool weather. SO, given this new situation, i will probably not get the ndc's and keep these shearling ones. i am wondering if these are a bit too trendy. i know free people have a sort of similar version and everyone has produced a clog of some sort this year and the trickle down version will only worsen. :) so....should i keep them? or get the shorter version:
i would return these mid height ones i bought today and put them toward the purchase of the longer over knee version (which is only a big pricier) in this color. those were fantastic and i HAVE been craving an over knee boot for about 8 years now. i purchased one and will have to try to find a cobbler to take them in because they are a pair of deadstock biker boots and about 18 sizes too wide for even my hefty thighs! the ld tuttles sure are tempting but i want a true over knee boot and not one of those fake ones with the gap behind the knee (ew).

ah decisions decisions. the boy definitely compounded my problem by giving these a million thumbs ups and plunking down the money for them without hesitation. i was going to go home and think them over. i think what will happen now is that i will broaden my collection and maybe stop buying millions of shoes, lol. still have my heart set on the margiela geo heels from the previous post as maybe the pistols if i can find a pair in real life. i was hesitant about purchasing them because of the suede. suede is a mother to keep clean. especially when it's cold. or wet. or humid. or it just rained. you get the idea.

if you want other images of the new boots, you can see the entire lookbook here.

thanks again for the incredible feedback! you guys definitely came through for me!

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