cuff: second hand
shirt: ???
pants: my little brother's
shoes: maison martin margiela ligne 6

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down by the riverside

a few snaps from my jaunt out to harlem. even got an adorable video of some little girls fleeing a toy car. 

dress: h&m
shoes: mine de rien
bag: etro--i adore the paisley print. would really like to own more of their stuff. especially these boots. it was love at first sight when i held those darling boots in my arms. i put them back very gently when the SA informed me warmly of the price. still, i love the non-stuck-upness of the store staff. i was in there for over an hour touching everything and talking to the associate about the brand (they gave all their staff a free pair of limited edition shoes!!!) i like friendly stores, like margiela's. perhaps it was simply because i was in vegas and folk there are perpetually drunk so they act super nice to thusly handicapped persons. clearly thinking too much into it. enjoy the weekend guys.

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like a girl

my other shoes still have not arrived. officially murderous with regards to the post office. GIVE THEM TO ME!

i got compliments on my hair today! never happens. people usually just kind of stare. i think it's because it's smaller today than it usually is. lol. i also think i look like a little kid here. d'ah well.

i've re-fallen in love with this cuff. goes with everything.

shirt: free people
skirt: j crew (self-altered)
shoes: bill blass
bag: dkny

no shots of the back because my bra straps were showing. is that still tacky? or is it only tacky in shirts where it oughtn't to be showing, like this one? home today. going to watch some movies and do. absolutely. nothing.

i received a style council badge on chictopia. awesome? i'm not sure. i don't know what it really means just yet. i thought i'd be a style judge of some sort, but apparently not so...?

did anyone catch the second chance sale at gilt??? they had KELLY BAGS!!!!! KELLY!

thank you for your sweet comments on all my posts. keeps me motivated enough to not wear jeans and t-shirts. which is what i do when i don't take pics for this blog. :)

i really must show you all some of the details of my wardrobe more closely. finding pieces that make me happy just wearing them. do you own any items like that?

debating getting my nails done today. i don't like people touching my feet. totally skeeves me out. but these lovely NYC'ers with their perfect nail jobs are making me jealous. i SUCK at applying lacquer to my nails. i can never get a smooth line; probably because i hesitate. they look like tire tracks.

hoping to get some things accomplished this weekend. like selling more of my stuff. and getting a new A/C (i've been bitchy in the heat; the boy can't take it anymore). and looking for a new job.

anyone going anywhere cool for the weekend?

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my days grow longer

cooking 5 meals. right now. all at once. feeling very productive. 
also ignoring the dozens of assignments i need to be tackling. probably the reason for all the 'productivity'.
it was too hot to wear real clothes.

vest: ???
shirt: ???
jeans: rich and skinny
shoes: repetto
bag: triple 5 soul

should i get this leather jumper? would be cool for fall...i think. or just odd.

help me decide!!!

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"brain cells come and go...fat cells live forever..."

funniest thing i've read in awhile.
especially since my brain cells seem to just be going and fat cells seem to just be coming.

this post was to be entitled "smiles for melody". learning to smile more in pictures. i FREAK in front of a camera.

no idea wtf i'm thinking here..."where do you go when you die?"

the boy says i'm cut like an athlete from the back. used to be one. now i just have their shoulders. lol. NO shirts fit. NONE.

my new margielas. love the color.

watching THE stupidest movie ever.  oh meg ryan...what happened to you? i still love you! you just need the right role, i know it.

shirt: scala
pants: kenar. they look and feel like paper. but on, they feel like sweats. uber soft.
shoes: martin margiela
bag: dkny

dude, i have a bun!

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day and night

 worn to brunch.  they just kept on pouring those drinks....i then fell asleep in the movies right after this.

shirt: rvca
skirt: tahari
shoes: fratelli rosetti

some details omitted from the last post.

my go-to watch and newly resurrected cuff

weird birthmark that i've always had and rarely see...and my necklace.

shoes came. they're so good. will be doing a post soon. it's so hot outside, i can't think.

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it's not what it looks like...but it is very bland

lines....sorry guys...

talking with my hands...sooo not what it looks like.

i thought this outfit looked way better in real life...kinda lame in the photos.

sitting with my buttermilk concoction in my hair. i gave myself a trim the other day (it's SO bad, i know it) and couldn't stop fiddling with the newly shorn, smooth ends. i decided to take better care of it and just let it do its thing.  so trying to keep it happy now. i'm officially a slave to my hair.

did you know that SATC2 was out on DVD already????? shocking...really.

watching young victoria...i freaking ADORE emily blunt.

someone told me i was down to earth today. she said that knowing my background, she's surprised that i'm not more of a prissy, stuck-up sort of girl. she then apologized if it came off as though she was insinuating i had no breeding, lol. i love compliments like that. totally real and uncontrived(?). correct my spelling, julia!

shirt: j crew
jeans: earnest sewn
shoes: bill blass
belt: gap
cuff: second hand store i stumbled across in CT
necklace: gift from a friend
watch: Michael Anthony; rec'd on my college graduation day from an obscure family friend. i wear it always.

have you all any fantastic, enviable weekend plans? i'll likely be home. piling bananas into my hair or watching more Netflix now that my internet connection is fixed. super fun yeah?!? no? alright

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inside out/puppy hair

excuse my bad lighting; i was in a rush.

ha. i flashed u.

post-flash, mid-giggle, not cute

2 dresses. it's like a slip over a (slutty) sundress instead of a slip under a (slutty) sheer dress. that word is filthy, by the way...sounds so dirty, no?  i wanted to ask, by the way, if anyone thought the blog name strange. it occurred to me after the fact that people may just think i can't spell.....

slutty dress: h&m
other dress: ???
shoes: audrey brooke

equally random: i notice my hair has a tendency to flop on one side and to stand upright on the other. i have no idea why....

currently pissed. my package was delivered to some alternate address. my $150 shoes.

continuing the dog theme. you betta gimme my shoes...person who has them...or else.

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lightness of being.....a boy

jacket: yanuk
shirt: rvca
shorts: rogan
sneakers: repetto zizi (canvas)

smoking is naughty. don't do it. seriously.

been feeling really good lately. calm, even, eager to take on new challenges. it's nice, really, not being pressured or exhausted. but having grown accustomed to being under a perpetual burden of one sort or another, i have also found myself worrying about losing this sense of peace and lightness. double-edged sword? on the one hand i'm giddy to have moved forward in my life and on the other, i'm worried about the security of what i left behind, a security that is now gone. it's a strange duality. so i went shopping. all a part of my trying to live in the moment and take advantage of this newfound free feeling. but more on that haul later.

5 things of note:
this morning i crossed the street and saw the most beautiful young girl. cupid's bow lips, beautiful skin, the most incredible green/grey/blue eyes. she looked almost tragic. had to force myself not to stare!

this morning i walked by a man wearing these toe shoes(?). much like the tabis, these have an individual section for each, individual toe. i was teased to bits for my obsession with the tabi flats--going back to the ninja references--and here is this man, 6-feet plus, with massive headphones, and toe-shoes. i'm so getting the tabis now. ninjas are wicked cool.

i figured out how to use twitter properly (sort of).

i'm taking up ballet. apparently, i'm not allowed to wear the tutu though (@#$%!!!)

i'm starting ashtanga. i haven't started either of these things yet, but if i put them here, i know you guys will needle me about them. so it's sort of forcing myself to be accountable and not just say 'yeah, yeah, sure....................what? i never said that...'

do you guys find things to be more beautiful/special when you're happy?

ETA: DOOODS!!! i also got my first blog award evarrrrrr. super stoked. thanks very much to simply chic. totally forgot to mention it.
she's super cute
check out her blog.

so apparently i'm to pass this on to 10 bloggers. dayum. here goes:

thanks for reading and thanks again to simplychic!

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