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so i couldn't find a decent shot of my birthday outfit. well, except this one:

which would look like this if i were ballin'.

a pox on you, student budget. and dark restaurant.

at least my hair looked nice:
but that shit was blurry too.

anyhoo, i learned that drenching my hair in molasses with a dash of honey and a deep conditioner definitely helps make my curls 'pop'. so long as i DON'T COMB IT. haven't combed it since. curls look AWESOME. tangles...another story. gonna have to re-negotiate this situation. >:-(




this, to me, is great style. it is not a haphazard toss together of items but a grouping carefully selected from a well-curated collection. the fit and texture and drape of every item is perfect, and yet she wears it with such a carefree ease. another iteration of the wearer owning the clothes, not the clothes wearing the owner.
man, who else wants a fur skirt?

*raises hand*

yeah...second post in like 12 hours...inSOMnia, folks.

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coolest part of this video is not here. i was wearing my elbow leather gloves and decided to pile on some volume with my wool fingerless mittens. pretty awesome, but a bit much for the look, i thought. so went with this simpler effect.
i'm not sure how comfortable i look in heels...but i love these. STILL learning how to walk in them. i like to think of myself as bambi, learning to use his legs:
and not like this:

although, being a klutz does have its good points sometimes:

blazer: firma
shirt: rick owens
pants: 120% lino
boots: yin
mittens: miss sixty, over leather gloves: marshall's

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sweater: pendleton
shirt: 0039
suede leggings: les chiffoniers
gold boots: sacco

i am 24 and 3 days old.

If you want to be happy, be.  
-Leo Tolstoy

happy belated new year, everyone. thanks for reading.

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