BlogBlast: Maria's Vanilla Scent

Had the extreme pleasure of speaking with European beauty Maria of VanillaScented. People from all over flock to her blog for a taste of Norwegian inspiration. She's gorgeous; she's inspired; she's talented; AND SHE'S SO VERY SWEET! Vanilla--how apt.

I hope you enjoy our interview:

How old are you

Where do you hail from
Both of my parents are from Vietnam, but I was born in Norway which is where we live now.

What is your favorite color

Black, white and subtle colours like nude and blush.

What is your favorite season (of year)

Summer because I love everything related to it - the sun, beach, icecream, sandals, picnics, sunglasses and shorts! All those things. But when it comes to the best fashion-season it's definitely fall! I love layering and volume.

What do you do for a living
I'm a student and I work at a clothing store.

Why do you blog (why did you start and why do you continue)

I want my own place where I can gather all things that inspire me when it comes to fashion. I'm not exactly sure why I blog actually, hah, but it's nice to get feedback and share my passion with my lovely readers who are so nice to me :)

How do you blog (your routine, space, habits, etc)

I try to blog everyday, and I mix between outfit post, inspirational posts and cool items. When I take outfit pictures I use the self timer (rarely get my friends to take pictures of me) in my room hehe. I use about an hour to make one post.

What is your obsession with fashion/style/your wardrobe
In general.. My favourite garments are the ones that are very simple, versatile, cool and also has a good quality. And.. that it's black or white.

Do you think your style is representative of your locale

No, not at all. People here dress very very variated. And.. there are few trendy people here in Oslo. Just saying.

Where does your inspiration come from'

Aah anything really. A certain mood. A certain look. A single piece of garment can give me so many ideas.

Yeah, but I'm very influenced by streetfashion, other bloggers and celebrities.

Your favorite designer(s)

ACNE and Alexander Wang.

Favorite blogger(s)

The three cool girls behind anywho.dk and Hanneli Mustaparta - hanneli.com.

What is your ideal style ‘archetype’ (i.e.: do you think you have a genre, and if so, what is it? Trendy, hipster, etc, all those labels)

Uhm. Can I mention several? Hehe, my style is very simple/laidback/trendy and a bit scandinavian-ish!

What is your most favorite wardrobe piece (or 5)

My ACNE box shoes.

Best (most confident) style moment

When Face Hunter took pictures of me! Wow, it's really the greatest compliment. I was on cloud 9.

What was the worst style choice you can recall making (funny/comical, embarrassing, head slap moment)

Just looking back to the time when I was 13 makes me laugh a little.. All those cute clothes. Most preferably in pink. Hah.

What do you think is the most stylish city

I like the scandinavian style, so Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Where would you feel most comfortable, stylewise (city/country/etc; seems silly but a lot of people feel out of place in this sense)

I'm very confident when it comes to my style, and I don't mind looking different than others so I feel pretty comfortable anyway... But I know what you mean! I think any city with a lot of fashion-forward people would make me feel even more comfortable. Hehe.

If you could raid any wardrobe and snag pieces for yourself, whose would it be
That's a hard one! I know I wouldn't mind Chloë Sevigny's wardrobe. Or Mary-Kate's.

List 7 random facts that you don’t mind sharing with the blogosphere.

- I don't like browsing through my own blog. Haha.

- I listen to R&B and hiphop

- At the moment I'm reading "eat pray love" by elizabeth gilbert

- I'm 164 cm tall. People are always surprised when they see me in real life because they think I'm taller. Hehe.

- In the morning I use like 15 minutes to get ready before I rush to school. Why? Because I sleep as long as possible. Always.

- I bumped my head today. Woh, this is getting random.

- I'm really hungry right now. Gonna eat some chocolate. I always have some spare candy in case of emergency.

To visit Maria's blog, click the title.

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good for fall



Friday. Pay day. Time to hunt for those wondrous thigh boots I've been craving. Hey, is it possible to add inches to boots to make them taller?

shirt: gap
jeans: j. lindeberg
shoes: 704b.

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Preppy in the Rain

new venue=major lighting fail.



skirt: burberry
shirt: random
shoes: diba
purse: bottega veneta
watch: gruen
jewelry: thrifted

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back shot


top: h&m
denim: ksubi
boots: frye
bag: vintage coach
ring: mexican thrift

via tumblr

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Camera ate my photos from last night. Was very, very pissed, but hoping to make amends in future. Actually *saving* for a camera. Yikes. And selling stuff on eBay. Recession has finally come knocking at my door for alms. >:-(. Go away credit crunch.

enjoying CoolWhip and MK and A's coffee table book before actual dinner, prepared by a master chef. And having cocktails. mmmmm.

shoes: schmoove
trousers: h&m (2 sizes too big)
tank: random, from years ago

also watched the seven year itch tonight. i love that movie. white dress is iconic, but there were so many key stills from the movie that mattered. this one was just plain lovely.

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Scenes from the convent

was drying my hair. perhaps i can figure out some way to wear my hair this way permanently; i gather ppl are VERY freaked out by a nun in a low-backed dress.

dress: thrifted

not pictured:
shoes: repetto canvas oxfords
purse: thrifted coach

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back from vacay

bloody exhausted.
copious amounts of jet skiing and fatness. i may have gained approx 20 kilos this weekend. may also have drunk that much in the past week.

top: dunno
shorts (yes there ARE shorts): f21
shoes: repetto patent oxfords

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