lol...it's so shiny.
these are my brother's trousers. i'm currently stuck in the midst of my cleaning process. have a lot of items i still am worried to part with. slacks and suits and skirts, all business, but i've no job and will not be needing these items for some time. should i toss them or keep them? these trousers are my brother's. i rarely wear trousers like this casually, so decided to take them for a spin with my new shoes, a fitted sweater, and my orange leather. i think it looked better in my head, but i definitely like it. i think for me, it's an easier style and fit than wearing my trousers more traditionally with pumps or a flat shoe and button down. i think an important part of style is incorporating it realistically into your own life and still looking comfortable in it, rather than forced or awkward. okay, my rant is random. the only detail shot:

these have changed my mind about minnetonkas. still need a pair of converse dangit.

jacket: pretty face
shirt: three dots
pants: little brother's
belt: linea pelle
shoes: minnetonka
bag: furla

watching happily ever after with charlotte gainsbourg. i think i quite like ms. gainsbourg. pretty awesome. watching her in a camel coat and a pair of wide leg trousers. totally gonna influence monday's outfit. on a french/ballet/foreign movie kick at the moment. i think i want out of this time zone.

maybe here?

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i like the textures here:

this was apparently my schoolgirl outfit. i love these tights. they're diamond-ish textured with diamonds in diamonds in diamonds. or something like that. i didn't have the camera on hand to take some detail shots. womp.
this is actually a dress that i've never really worn because the belt is missing and it looks a bit bare. the shoes here looked much better on camera/in the mirror than they felt during the day. they seemed to dwarf the rest of my body and make my feet look a bit clownish. at least that's the perspective from the top down. perhaps i should have gone for a lower profile shoe. but...they're so shiny and happy. ah well. going to have a few beers and meet my new scrabble date. i simply MUST find some real humans to interact with. anyone down to hang out with me? i'm suuuper fuuuuuuun. missdtm, i'm looking at you.

no? pfft.

blazer: firma
sweater: acne
dress: allen schwarz
shoes: neil barrett

bit of photographic inspiration to wrap up a ROUGH week.
 all from rackkandruin

FYI, i've not tumblr'd in like...months or something. somehow i feel this is a redeeming fact.

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simple goodness

sometimes less is not more. sometimes it's just better.

had a long talk with the photographer yesterday about the importance of talking. i hate talking. i'm not sure if that comes across here. i'm not a good talker. my ears turn red when answering questions in lecture. i get all hot when cops pull me over. used to be able to lie myself out of punishment as a kid. as an adult...i'm not sure what's happened. either way, there was much talking. it turned out to be a good thing. sort of a hard reset. i'm trying to work on eliminating self-deprecation from my life. 'i'm so (insert unflattering comment here)'. i never really thought i believed it, but it's something about reinforcing the little things in one's own psyche. eventually, they start to feel true. so...i'm going to try to go a full day without complaining. try it. it's not easy. i may not make it to lunch, but i'll see.
this is my apartment hunting outfit. swapped out a short sleeved tee for this longer one. still debating the wisdom of that choice. supposed to be hella hot today.  summertime in november. i'm down.

trench: zara
shirt: james perse
pants: les chiffoniers suede leggings
shoes: henry beguelin

i still don't have a halloween costume. maybe i'll be cousin it...

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pardon the standstill. i have been...coping. and allowing myself a few freedoms i probably should not have.


just made this scarf over the summer. it's obnoxiously orange. like cheetos. i love cheetos.

and this is my favorite thing about winter. well, one of, anyway.  this sweater is absolutely lovely. all it needs is a hood. got it just before the 'sweater coat' craze hit the magazines. love and adulation ensued.

so i'm back at monday. going to try to get some rest; just got off work and freaking out about homework assignments and the lack of sleep that i need to anticipate.  time to start holing myself up in the basement. seems i need to rid myself of ALL distractions.
in other news, i'm trying to find a new place. decisions are not my strong suit. nor is patience. if i see something and i like it, i get it. done and done. my...consort...is a different breed entirely. slow and steady wins the race, eh?
we'll see.
last week's spooky weather. 

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shades of fall

i'm a bonafide leafwatcher now. drove a lot of miles north to see the changing foliage. wonderful color, though the trees down here are nowhere near the peak color points. i discovered today that the idea of naked trees, icicles, and bleak wintry days makes me sad indeed. i think i don't like winter. it is possible i am apprehensive about this upcoming cold season because the last two i had were plagued with bad luck and illness. here's to a new year with uneventful holidays. :)

these are my new leather leggings. i finally got 2 pairs at a reasonable price. i do not regret my choice at all though i foresee a very long period of babying. they're beautiful and incredibly soft. like a wonderful pair of shoes...enveloping your lower body.

school this week will be hectic what with critical assignments due and another exam on thursday. i've been feeling very disheartened of late; not sure if it comes across here and i hope it doesn't.  i think my motivation is flagging, out of fear of failure, or perhaps a lack of conviction in my own ability.  i have been told for so many years that i am my own worst enemy, but how does one battle that exactly?  i mean chanting to oneself and repeating affirmations can take you only so far, right?  what about that extra bit to carry you through? where does that come from? some insurgence of influence, perchance?  is it even possible to conquer that ever-present, niggling bit of doubt?

k, that's a bit heavy for a monday morning, eh?

jacket: vintage from wartime resell blog <---- awesome
sweater: acne
leggings: helmut lang
shoes: mmm
scarf: self made

how was everyone's weekend? great i hope? the weather was lovely here, if a bit nippy. looking forward to more of it. should make getting dressed a bit more challenging as the temperatures fall.  in something like this:
chronicles of never future primitive overcoat, fw 2010

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literally, 'place holder'. like this blog post. heh.

i would like one (or two, at most) of these items or something cheaper similar.  pick one! engage in idle, virtual window shopping with me.

pictures--and substance--tomorrow...or maybe monday when i catch a breather. this blog feels very one-dimensional at times. what say you all? any critiques? this is basically a sneaky way of trying to find something substantial to post about besides my mug in x,y,z shirt/jeans/shoes again. thoughts appreciated.
i think, when it gets really cold, there's little better than a really good sweater. yeah, i rhyme. what of it?

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are on my pc. i think. wtf. gonna have the in-house computer geek look it over.
in the meantime, he took these this morning. not very inspiring in photos, but i quite liked this look in person. have been bloody exhausted and out if it these last few days. this whole readjusting to academia and the pace of work with which i'm COMPLETELY unfamiliar is sort of....harrying.
and there's always more tomorrow.
i love a good challenge. but only once i've conquered it. it feels as though i'm being slowly worn down; seems quite the unfair fight. i've always been a bit of a perfectionist and have always been successful in school and that's often how i've characterized myself: by my success in school. read: bigass nerd, with glasses and backpack, to boot. as such, when 'real life' attacked me, it sort of changed my whole view of myself....for the worse. now that i'm back in school, i think i'm, once again, readjusting. and it's again shifting my view of myself. guess how. :)
back to the clothes:

oh yeah...those pants? totally suede. bought in the midst of that mad spending spree i went through just prior to quitting my job. 'twas the depression that damned me. but the swag is pretty cool in hindsight. ah, income.

came home and changed after my first class. and unloaded the bag. it was a little overwhelming.
swapped the leather for jeans and my sneakers for my new boots. this high school girl giggled when i walked by and pointed at my feet. and i ACTUALLY let it get to me. for, like, the whole walk to school. and felt completely stupid about wearing furry boots in the warmth of fall. then i realized...i'm grown. and my boots are awesome. see:

so screw that young broad.
ok, so i think if i get myself back to being super student, i'll be WAY more confident in my more heinous fashion choices, lol.

jacket: firma
sweater: three dots
shirt: random white tee
suede pants: vintage celine
shoes: schmoove

jeans: earnest sewn
boots: no.6 shearlings

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jacket: zara
shirt: rick owens drkshdw
skirt: april, may
shoes: boemos

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2 and three-quarter years ago, i went to a nordstrom for the very first time and charged my first special purchase. i drove alone, browsed alone, and paid alone. for these. the colors were absolutely perfect. they were a wee bit loose on me. but they were soft. so soft. nothing had fit my feet quite like these. these were my first 'adult' shoes.
then i 'loaned' them to my mom. she loved them. so much so that she wore them only once.>:-(. i wanted her to love them like i did. they would change her whole outlook, give her a bit of fun in every day she wore them.
that didn't happen, so i've finally accepted her offer to return them to me.
feels. so. good.

i sound like i'm obsessed. weird.

no, really.

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