this post is about a celebrity (i.e.: i spent the day in my sweats and have nothing outfit-worthy or witty to write about) whose style i admire. generally, i don't give a crap, but it was fun to run through all the candids and basically ogle.

so, yeah, totally in love with (yet another) girl. i think attractive men are harder to come by. raised my standards too high, i guess. she's yeezy's girl and whatnot, and her style has been (sometimes correctly) described as 'contrived, like rihanna's', and she's kind of vapid sometimes...but still....swaggerific.

this photo was meant only for the eye makeup close up...bit too close, yeah?

spent an absurd amount of time yesterday with a bunch of girls i'd never met before drinking and watching tv commercials and talking about which people we all would and would not hypothetically sleep with and why. is this normal? or just drunk? hm.

either way, very fun. thoroughly entertained and was eager to do it again. except for some reason i'm thoroughly exhausted and it's already saturday night and tomorrow is sunday which means the next day is monday and that is WAAACK.

happy weekend!

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1st day of school

sweater: h&m
shirt: cool hunting people (thrifted in miami)
jeans: earnest sewn
boots: vintage frye harness

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today was gorgeous outside. woke up exhausted, but trying to bring things into focus and perspective. this pants are incredibly bright on a sunny day. they're a size too big, but i got them for cheap on ebay and my broke ass couldn't bother trying to send them back or sell them cuz i looked for months. maybe in a few weeks though. anyone having luck selling items on ebay? my store is looking quite abysmal these days.

i have all this stuff that i'll either have to donate or dump. i've heard that buffalo exchange sucks ass on the east coast; they reject things pretty much based on whim, lol. don't think i've got the designer duds to drop at tokio7 either, soooo...leaves me with a cluttered closet of stuff i'll never wear. anyone up for individual donations?

coat: joseph
sweater: ralph lauren
shirt: rvca
jeans: earnest sewn
boots: frye
snood: h&m

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hard day

love this one cuz it looks like i'm doing the pee dance.

woke up very positive today.
it's 3:30 and i'm having a FML day.

trying to perk up. champagne will definitely be on the menu. in fact, it may be the only thing on the menu.

sweater: h&m
shirt: gap
jeans: j brand
shoes: boemos
scarf: made by me

anyone having a better week (month) out there?
holding onto this for inspiration:

via tumblr

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gearing up


jacket: hilary radley
sweater: marithe + francois girbaud
shirt: free people
jeans: buffalo
boots: frye

found this and saved it. very inspiring. heaven knows i need some inspiration right now.

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Sooo, I just found out what my schedule will look like for the next couple of months. Sucks monkey balls, I swear. In addition to my insomnia, I won't be getting sleep on purpose either. Thank you to all who made the amelioration of this process impossible. No, really. Thanks.

Oh, and this is my new pineapple hair.

And my new bloody uncomfortable billy short boots. I think I need to either get used to them, or get rid of them.

parka: nicholas k 'wess'
shirt: rick owens
jeans: true religion
boots: frye billy short
bag: bottega veneta
scarf: made by me

Hoping for a brighter last-weekend-of-freedom. :-). I'd have beer and wings to cheer me. but...goes against my get healthy plan. damn you, healthy conscience.

photos from the trip:

versace mansion
three drinks the size of my head later:

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little bit prim and a little bit glum today. not feeling too hot--and still not sleeping--but attempted to dress myself properly to cheer up some. evidently, it didn't really work, but hey, at least i don't feel worse.

also of note:
i think i attract very strange strangers...

incident 1:
random man came up to me on the street as i stood outside the american academy of dramatic arts and said, 'hey. you wanna hear some dramatic art?' and proceeds to freestyle at me for five minutes. did i mention he was white? i mean, it's cool if you're white and can rap, but...it was just so...random.

incident 2:
man approaches me on the street, asking for money to make rent for his hotel room for the week. i explain that i'm also short on cash and cannot help him just now. he says 'okay, how about i meet you here tomorrow. about 8:45?'. um. okay. 'great. i'll be here all day. just look for me.' apparently, i'm so hard up for companionshipt that it's cool to make appointments with vagrants now.

planned on starting a 365 this year. since it's like late january now (woot procrastination), i'm debating the intelligence of that move. but...perhaps i'll do it anyway. in february. heh.

coat: walter
sweater: rivy ng
gloves: portolano
dress worn as shirt: dkny
skirt: calvin klein
tights: target
boots: frye
bag: bottega veneta

someday, i'd like to live somewhere like this; where the view from the outside is as nice as the view from the inside.

totally want this desk

branch portions in jars.

imgs via tumblr

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planning on changing this forum up a bit. will see how it pans out.
i'm wrinkled as hell. consequence of getting up 45 minutes later than usual. and not caring. note red tights, my f--- you to the world, for having to get up early AND go to work.

and what are the odds of this?
two kiwi strawberry snapples with identical caps.

means it's gonna be a good year. :-)

jacket: walter
sweater: h&m
skirt: dries van noten
hat, tights: h&m
boots: frye
bag: bottega veneta

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