a walk in the park

what's with that phrase anyway? 'a walk in the park'. who says it's easy walking in the park?

pulled my hair out of my face because it was causing severe heat distress. namely, whining, bawling, sadness, sweating, overheating, and perpetual state of imminent death. lol. me and summer DO NOT ROCK well. i can deal with a good deal. major heat? no. def not.  hence my chillin in the shade.

tomorrow is exciting/frightening. can't wait to see what the next few weeks hold.

jacket: gap
shirt: scala
shorts: dkny
flats: 704b
pumps: (fake ysl trib sandals) diba
bag: gap

how was memorial day? i didn't attend a single barbecue. cuz i'm anti. okay, back to working on this proposal.

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mixed bag

out for my friend's birthday. wearing her boots. which were a full size too large.

jacket: gap
top: h&m
shorts: rogan
boots: ???

found these pictures from last summer on the old blog.

i love these pictures. i learned that this only happens in new york and only at certain times of year.

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bad background

editing=too hard today (but isn't this cool?)'

dress: dkny
jacket: elie tahari
shoes: miu miu

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remember this annoying little image? still pops up depending on how old your software is. though most people are cool and have macs nowadays.

anyway, irrelevant to the topic at hand save that i've LITERALLY been processing my life for the past two weeks. work and school and finals and all these responsibilities pretty much fell on my head all at once and i've been trying to sift my way through.

so today was my last day of work. tuesday was my last day of school. i'm...beyond thrilled right now. i'm drinking a 22oz of corona, laying in the most comfy jeans i own and watching the boy play mass effect. i just cleaned my house (after dumping the entire contents of my desk all over the living room) and later, i'm going to do dishes and have a snack.

that's it. no homework. no getting up at 7 am on only 3 hours of sleep because of agonizing over the stress of my workplace. i learned a lot this week that i'd like to share but later. it's just...nice...to relax for a few hours and take it all in. i'm sure i'll flip out on tuesday or next friday when i realize i REALLY don't have to go back there...i just can't describe the feeling. so for now, here's a photo.

oh i washed my hair. and it hangs. weird stuff.

top: le tigre
skirt: from the shoe fairy (who apparently also gifts in skirts?)
shoes: cordwainer (handmade in new hampshire. i love these babies

gratuitous shoe porn:

and now i'm gonna go eat double stuf oreos. i friggin love summer. be back tomorrow. i've MISSED sharing!

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'you look so vogue today'

sweetest comment this morning. great way to start the day when not feeling it, but it is nice to be bare-armed/legged again.

yeah, so there's like 10 pictures. not in an editing mood. just...tired. cranked out a paper yesterday which i was able to have a very good friend review. he let me know in no unclear terms that what i had written was bullshit. so i had to start nearly from scratch. good thing too b/c i don't like to submit nonsense to an instructor, even if that instructor seems completely oblivious to the rules and regulations of how a class is supposed to be run.

still no fun time. hoping that next tuesday i'll be alive enough to go out and get a beer. mmm...beer. cold. and wings. so that's the goal, ladies and germs. make it to tuesday. wings, beer, and vogue.

sweater: h&m
waistcoat: trashy store in midtown
shirt: nike
belt: linea pelle (i love this belt. it's totally falling apart)
pants: 80%20% or something like that
shoes: cydwoq (i love these shoes. they do not love me back)
bag: dkny
scarf: secondhand

has the week been good to you all?

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would like to execute this with equal flair:
it just looks super comfy. are those pants wang? they look like these shorts.
pardon the impending absence. i'm super exhausted and running on caffeine and no sleep.

i know i live in the hood now because people in the alley behind my house argue at top pitch at 4 am. and then the whole neighborhood starts yelling. and i wake up. and stay that way.


okay. back to writing my paper.

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two sets

made a video last night. watched it three times and promptly deleted it. can't have y'all hearing my preppy white girl phone voice. so instead, i give you mirror images of me and homer simpson reveling in his raw toast...
my friend did the brazilian blowout treatment on my hair and then blow dried/flat ironed it like so. it's supposed to rain tomorrow, so expect me to show up with big hair again by wednesday. :)

i was able to beg today, for photos.

my giant bag

basically how i've been feeling the past few days:

rawr bitch.

jacket: gifted from the shoe fairy
shirt: corpus (it's got pockets at the waist, which is awesome cuz i can stick my lipgloss in it)
jeans: j lindberg (they looked better in my head)
shoes: neil barrett (scuffed to high heaven)
bag: dkny

how was the weekend? i climbed a mountain...

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