exhibit A.

exhibit B.

yeah, it was THAT bad in the city. 3 inches of ice on the ground. 90 minutes to get 30 minutes away. sleet. 2 feet of snow. good way to round out a week.

coat: nicholas k parka
vest: ter et bantine
shirt: cool hunting people (thrifted in miami)
pants: rick owens lilies (so incredibly soft
boots: frye

pretty creepy stuff. i love them.

off to find a place to study that is not a starbucks or overrun with overzealous 'creative minds' with their laptops and moleskins. okay, yeah, i totally fit that description but TODAY, i shall have only my textbooks and pencils. so there. ha. okay bye! enjoy what's left of your weekends. perhaps some light boozing/friends?

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there is another blizzard today.
mcqueen is being buried today.
had to go to work today.
realized i'll probably need snow boots, after all, today.
got paid/paid all my bills today.
will be going to search for green docs today.
my sis sent me ultrasound shots today.
am semi-bummed today.

will not be doing a lick of f-cking work today. i think i've come to a breaking point with my job. rock and two hard places, lol. all the motivation/positivity i had injected into it is officially gone. i wouldn't mind so much that i had to trek through a foot of snow to get to work, if i actually gave a damn. but i don't. at all. woke up this morning actually upset that i was employed. i mean praise jeebus i've still got dough to pay my bills, but...shit, man, it's taking a toll on my mental well-being. what does one do in a shit economy where even entry-level waitresses aren't being hired, you need a master's degree to be a receptionist, and you've no real marketable (read: résumé-able) skills?
i mean, besides sell drugs.

imgs via wildfox, tumblr

listening to this. and this.

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little notes

Utterly obsessed with water and yet completely terrified of it. I think it's so beautiful, but I can't swim. Saved my little brother from nearly drowning twice before he even turned six. I would love to go scuba diving or deep sea diving in one of those little submarines. As a child, I wanted to be some sort of marine biologist. Or an astronaut. Or a surgeon.

I just love the feelings this photograph suggests.

The softness of texture and light here make me want to go somewhere, lay in a giant bed under a ceiling fan in lacy underthings and write.

Kinky, no? I can't tell if his eyes are closed. For me, it would project a very different feel depending on which. I like the myriad textures.

A position I've found myself in many a time...
...leading to this kind of feeling.
I grew up in the woods, on a farm, surrounded by nature. I live in the Bronx, now. I still miss actual trees, walking barefoot on my own grass, being able to look down at the river and the ocean from my house, which was atop a mountain.

I wonder what they were doing? When I was growing up, I lived for awhile in an area that was essentially a dust bowl--very flat and all open spaces. The sunsets used to look something like this, blazing the bleak neighborhood with light.
Sucker for light eyes.
Dreaming of summer. As I don boots, hat, scarf, cardigan, parka, gloves...

all imgs via tfs

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was up till 1am studying cells. CELLS!

coat: walter
sweater: fcuk
shirt: three dots
dress: tramp
boots: doc marten's

had something wonderfully insightful and witty to write here...um. nvm?

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there was a shot of the back but...yikes. gotta cut back on those...whatever i'm eating that's making me spread like that, lol. naw, it was mostly panty lines.

coat: walter
gloves: portolano
sweater: dunno
shirt: free people
tights: target
boots: frye

spent friday night procrastinating. went out for drinks at angel's share and then to PDT. i'm a drink snob; so shoot me. for the first time, i was kind of bummed that angel's share had a 4 person limit. i had exactly 6 persons in my party. lame. anyway, i blew a couple hundred dollars that i did not have, but that's what youth is for, no? to scrape your pennies together and crawl home at dawn with an epic tale to tell? well, perhaps not. i should've probably studied. still totally worth it, lol.

also came across this image here...i love it. might try it tomorrow.
happy the weekend is over?? are we all rested and prepared for the week? (no)

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cityscapes and milkshakes

early evening burger run. wholly unsatisfied, but fed. back to the books.

coat: joseph
scarf: self-made
sweater: zara men's
leggings: rick owens lilies
boots: frye

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coming off of a 2 day migraine...wtf? trying to take better care of my body starting this weekend (i know, i know...again. but i'm serious this time!). did some new thing to my face last night because of the dry air in the apartment and on the street and it feels INCREDIBLE today. going to see if it continues to work. considering taking up spinning class to get my energy up (and pass out afterward, so maybe i can get some sleep).
met a girl yesterday with whom i had class a few years back and she asked me, 'SO HOW'S YOUR NARCOLEPSY?'
apparently it was 'common knowledge' that i was narcoleptic. lol. when in fact, i had insomnia. why do these things happen to me. now i'm wondering how MANY people had been thinking this. simply awful.

OH, AND I HAVE A BUN! I HAVE ENOUGH HAIR FOR A BUN! going to do a hair retrospective. this is big news!

big plans for the weekend?

coat: joseph
scarf: self-made
cardigan: h&m
shirt: maison martin margiela
button-up: man's gap shirt
pants: rick owens lilies
boots: frye

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