so it seems the backpack has made a comeback. this is comedic if only because i used to get mocked for carrying a backpack to school when all the 'cool kids' were carrying shoulder bags or messenger bags or whatever else. now, i have been stopped about 5 times this week by folks begging to find out WHERE i got this bag. it was $40. they've got CANVAS backpacks selling for like $150 now. ain't that some.........
anyhoo, i may have to stop carrying it on days when i have a fully loaded schedule. besides the fact that everywhere i go, i feel like i'm wearing a uniform accessory, it's a wee bit too heavy and i don't want to damage the leather straps as it will clearly cost a fortune to restore this bag. thinking of keeping my other one as well, as i was going to try to sell it since its straps needed a little work.
in other notable news, lots of HAIR comments have been coming my way. which is cool. been trying the new qhemet and oyin products i bought. i think i need to do my hair in a non-wash and go style to see how i really like them. but so far, the combination has been keeping my hair really soft. people have been touching and grabbing and fluffing. it's sort of interesting, again, because i spent so much time being defensive about my hair and then caring not a whit about it that this influx of good commentary has shown me that i've--at least somewhat--matured beyond what people have to say. about most anything. i was saying to someone the other day that i would make an excellent college student NOW vs when i went before, simply because i would be able to handle all the sillyness that i used to let invade my calm. i get teased a lot. easy target, i suppose, because i don't quite fit into everyone's boxes. that's what i love about blogging. none of us do. :). so we blog. and find others like ourselves. and often retreat to that comfort zone when the world does not treat us right. but i'm happy now that i'm able to sort of look at it all and say, 'well, that's nice.' and keep it movin'. we should all learn to keep it movin more often. so easy to get caught up in trifles that leave us feeling like we are wanting or inadequate. i say screw that. *cue slow clap*.
um...i'm yammering about backpacks mostly to say i have returned! for the time being at least. gotta finish like 4 hours of homework before class so i can submit and run like hell back home to the post office to get a package, then run like hell back to my desk....to continue reading. perhaps more leisurely than i have been? not feeling too good about school, y'all...
but i do feel good about this:
both via fuckyeahcurlscurlscurls

google search.

wasn't able to find any photographs but i think part of my edited fall wish list is heavy fisherman sweaters. chunky and over-long to wear with boots. i'm also looking for extra long leggings, thermal style. i think rag and bone did something like this, but i haven't been able to find anything online. anyone know what i'm talking about? oh! and elbow length leather gloves. i lost mine on a tipsy bathroom break new year's eve before last. okay, time to close out this uber long post and scurry back into school. :-/ 
hope you all had a good week. will be attempting to catch up on missed blog posts tonight.

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Blogger Prêt à Porter P said...

Those jeans have the perfect fit and I love how you stacked them with the combat boots. This is the perfect casual stomping around town look.

Ahh the wisdom that comes with age... :)

Thermal leggings: Alexander Wang? All Saints maybe?
Gloves: carolina amato. I've seen her stuff pop up on gilt groupe from time to time.

-ps. not sure if I told you about these.

8/10/10 10:04  
Blogger Julia said...

1) Your hair IS amazing. I've BEEN sayin' that.

2) Kid is hilarious.

3) Red haired girl is STUNNING and I want her to be my wife.

4) Last girl looks like how I want to look and can I be her? Maybe if they put me on the rack and stretched the crap out of me and I also had $800 to spend on a kickass anorak. Speaking of, I love your anorak.


8/10/10 14:52  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

I'm glad you're at that point.

*hands you the "fuck it" hat*

Your hair is gorgeous. It's funny how people can chide it before it gets to that point, but that's only because they're idiots. I can't wait until my hair grows up too.

Nice jeans, yo.

9/10/10 19:38  
Blogger Aïssa said...

Agree with Prêt à Porter P: You nailed that look. That's an amazingly cool outfit!

I don't know if I'll have the patience to let my hair grow as much as you or even if it'll suit me but yours look amazing! I googled Qhemet products and just the fact that Wakeema Hollis is on their home page makes me want to try their stuff.

Also I spotted thermal leggings in H&M this Saturday. Leather gloves spotted in Zara.

And the last girl outfit, kills me. Her parka makes me think of one I saw in Kookaï, might be the first step to try to get a tenth (I'm being overly generous with myself, ain't I?)of her coolness...

10/10/10 14:17  
Blogger simplychic said...

i want those jeans!

11/10/10 04:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this simple yet chic outfit! I'd totally wear it except I'd wear a black tee instead of white. But that's just because black is more forgiving! You obviously don't have to worry about that! lol!

11/10/10 22:29  
Anonymous IGetaFever said...

Love all of the elements in this look - from you to the clothes! Boots are esp. fantastic, as are the jeans, and the jacket...

19/10/10 18:42  

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