img overload...again...lol.

what a girl wants...


brooklyn ice cream creamery.

pizza nazi at grimaldi's

on line...at grimaldi's

45 minutes and a shitty bottle of wine later...

dough tossing.

ensuing decimation. personal opinion: prefer lombardi's overall, but the crust at grimaldi's took the cake. perfect, chewy crust.

sorry it's all the same color, guys...but i kinda liked the monotone golden shades.
overall, a great valentine's day. currently watching black dynamite and becoming (more than) slightly drunk on yellowtail pinot grigio and jacques torres assortment. by all means, check out dumbo if you can. great venue, great restaurants, and a wonderful ambiance.

happy valentine's to you and yours, all!

cardigan: rivy ng sweater coat
waistcoat: unknown
shirt: van heusen from my brother
pants: le full
bag: lucky brand
boots: vintage frye

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Blogger InnyVinny said...

Great photos (still loving your hair) and Happy V Day!

14/2/10 23:07  

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