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Not sure how man pins it took to secure my hair in this way, but I know it's unlikely that I'll be able to recover them all. These were the preliminary stages:

Went out today for ice cream as an excuse to enjoy the sunshine; finally warm enough to venture out onto the streets voluntarily. Even managed to doff the parka.

Today is my brother's acting debut! Unable to make it, but still proud, I'm also suffering from a lackluster opinion of his current...lifestyle. Trying to be supportive and a good sister, but it does truly frustrate me.

Tests went alright last week. Not as superb as I'd hoped to do, but overshot the class average by quite a bit; I suppose that's enough for now. Tons of work to get back to but hoping to get out tomorrow for a bit again.

Also been idly flipping through the style.com pages to see the shows; in LOVE with Haider Ackermann, a brand I've not been exposed to much. The whole thing just makes me want to dress better. Becoming bored with my closet, but it's a process, I realize. Anyway, here's today:

stomped through some mud by accident...managed not to sink though.

blazer: firma
leather jacket: bagatelle
shirt: j crew
pants: alexander mcqueen
socks: gap
shoes: repetto
gloves: miss sixty
watch, rings: vintage

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Blogger simplychic said...


7/3/10 01:18  
Blogger Christen said...

I love this whole look but those shoes and socks together are bananas! So freaking cool!

7/3/10 17:02  
Blogger InnyVinny said...


More argyle socks and oxfords. You are giving me life right now with that combination.

7/3/10 21:16  
Blogger Julia said...

The booties and the gloves! They're making me think good thoughts. I love the picture of your facw with your hair all around -- really stunning.


7/3/10 23:50  

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